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Video of doctor and her son performing faux caesarean section using Play-Doh goes viral

When this kid celebrated his 4th birthday, he got the most unlikely surprise: a simulation of a caesarean section using Play-Doh.

You might be wondering, “what kid would want that?” Turns out, Jessica So’s son would.

So, a board-certified dermatologist from San Francisco and a mom of two, showed her son how he came into this world by recreating a caesarian section using Play-Doh. The entire moment was recorded on video.

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So said the clip was also her way of paying tribute to the medical staff that helped deliver her child.

“Our little guy just had a birthday (the big 4!), and we reminisced about the eventful, unexpected day he arrived and the flurry of amazing people involved with getting him here safely,” the doctor wrote on YouTube and Instagram.

The mother and son performed the operation using clay and a few pieces of plastic instruments. So recreated a pregnant belly complete with each layer underneath, and they operated on it to deliver a Spiderman doll and a balloon placenta.

So guided her son to perform the surgery with lifelike precision. She also explained every step and medical procedure that was being done.

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“Here’s the rectus muscle,” So said. After a while, the mom said they are going to cut through the uterus.

Her son is clearly having fun and learning throughout the faux procedure. He even knew that the uterus was “going to be wet.” The boy was learning and enjoying so much, and it looks like he’s gearing towards becoming a successful surgeon one day!

“I feel that children are able to understand much more than we give them credit for,” So told TODAY Parents. “And you really don’t find out until you try.”

So shared a video of the make-believe caesarean section on her Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. So far, the clip has been viewed millions of times on all those platforms combined.

This isn’t the first time that the pair did a simulated surgery. In June, they did a gallbladder removal using Play-Doh and plastic accessories. From then on, the boy was hooked and said he wanted to become a surgeon.

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“He’s always had so many questions about how the body works and it’s such a fun way for us to connect,” So said. “Every day he asks if we can do a Play-Doh surgery.”

Despite her good intentions, the doctor received some flak for the tutorials.

One user, who claimed he was a child and adolescent psychiatrist, said: “I strongly recommend you to not play a such game with your kids aged 2 to 12. It might traumatize your kid and may also lead children to do the same to their peers.”

Another worried that the kid might try and perform the actual surgery on other children.

“Wait but what if the kid tries to cut their own tummy or a friend’s,” she commented.

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Despite the backlash, most are praising the mom’s creativity and patience in teaching her child.

“That is absolutely brilliant and so much better than the old Operation game we grew up with,” tweeted one user.

“That must have taken so long to prepare. Not only educational but also fun for all. I’m sure your little one will grow up to be a great surgeon himself.”

So, on the other hand, is just grateful to the people who appreciate her work.

“I’ve received so many messages and comments from parents who have children that are interested in the human body,” she said. “They’re like, ‘Thank you for doing this. We’ve been watching together.’ I’m so glad I can help nurture that curiosity.”

So’s YouTube channel is dedicated to her Play-Doh surgeries. If you’re a parent looking for a fun way to teach your kid about anatomy, you should definitely check it out!

Watch the video below to see this mother and son duo perform their simulated caesarean section.

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