Dad lets daughter choose her outfit for class photo day and her choice is perfect

There’s a reason why people love taking pictures. After all, keeping photos is like freezing a sweet moment and looking at the photos can take you back in time.

Thus, it is only understandable why a school picture of their child is very important for parents. Days before the big day,  Austin Steinbach and his wife have already picked an adorable outfit for their daughter. However, Kaylieann was not interested to wear the outfit they have chosen for her school picture.

To appease Kaylieann, Austin told her that she could wear anything she wanted. And so Kaylieann took Austin’s words to her heart.

Kaylieann is 75 percent deaf in both of her ears. Most of the time, she communicates through American Sign Language. And since the little girl have always looked up to Superman and Supergirl, Kaylieann chose to be Supergirl for her school picture.

“She likes all superheroes because they are helpers,” The doting father shared on an interview. “She absolutely loves helping anyone, and that’s how she sees her superheroes, so she fits right in with them.”

Because of her hearing disability, Kylieann refers to her favorite heroes as Pooterman and Pootergirl. Her ‘funny’ mispronunciation only makes Kylieann even more adorable and charming.

“On picture day at school she was given the choice of outfits, none of which were Supergirl. She walked up, looked over each of her choices, turned and said, ‘POOTERGIRL!’ And well, I couldn’t argue with that answer,” Austin fondly recalled.

Kylieann did not only wear her favorite costume, she also brought her Superman doll she loves so much to match her outfit.

“She absolutely loves Superman, especially her life-size ‘pooterman’ she attempts to take [him] everywhere.” Austin explained.

It was not the first time for Kaylieann to wear the Supergirl costume. Apparently, her mom and dad bought the said costume from the San Francisco Comic-Con event. Since then, Kaylieann never parted with the costume. Luckily, her parents also bought her a Spiderman outfit which she wears on days her Supergirl costume needs to be cleaned.

Aside from Supergirl and Spiderman, Kaylieann also enjoys unleashing the Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Anna of Frozen within her. In fact, even her friends in her school are very much aware of Kaylieann’s interesting hobby that they look forward in seeing her wearing superhero outfits.

“Her school is amazing,” Austin shared, grateful for the warm support of the people around his precious child. “They always love and look forward to ‘the superhero of the day’ or what she’s picked out to wear.”

Kylieann’s school picture is nothing short of beauty. The photo clearly shows how happy she is!

The doting father, who couldn’t be any more proud of his child posted Kylieann’s school picture on Reddit. Together with the photo, Austin wrote:

“My daughter got to pick what she wore for her school pictures. Daddy approves!”

Since it has been posted, Kylieann’s photo reached almost 50,000 upvotes and was also shared on various social media platform. The beautiful story behind Kylieann’s adorable picture earned overwhelming support from the netizens. Some even noted how the little girl serves as a inspiration to the deaf community.

If she’s into superheroes, remember Hawkeye’s Deaf in the comics and has used hearing aids in the past. Matt Fraction did an awesome issue that was partially in untranslated ASL a while back.

“If she’s into superheroes, remember Hawkeye’s Deaf in the comics and has used hearing aids in the past. Matt Fraction did an awesome issue that was partially in untranslated ASL a while back.” A Redditor said, enumerating comic heroes who are, in fact, deaf.

“Humanity just gained a few faith points.” Another Redditor said, happy about the positive message Kylieann’s story expresses.

“Your comment and this picture brought tears to my eyes. I’m in the hospital scared and sad and alone but for some reason her confidence and happiness in this photo and your comment has given me hope. Much love and hope is amazing because it comes from the best and most random of places.” Another Redditor exclaimed, sharing how the little girl inspired her to keep her head held high.

“The reaction and turnout from the deaf community is amazing,” Austin shared, grateful for the overwhelming support and love from people all over the world. “I still haven’t been able to get through all the messages of support and kind words people have sent me. I could never have imagined how much her picture could have touched so many.”

Everyone has their own Kryptonite. And though each of us has their own kind of weakness, it sure does not make one any less strong. As long as we are surrounded with supportive and loving people, we can become our own superhero!

Photos | Austin Steinbach

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