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Couple with Down syndrome engaged, family says it proves that ‘Love always finds a way’

In a beautiful sunflower field is where John Rush asked his girlfriend, Shanae Nicholes, to be his wife.

Both 23 years old, this couple with Down syndrome has been together for two years. The lovebirds met at a local dance group that they both attended and instantly connected. The fact that they had a lot in common helped them click in such a short time. John and Shanae have a mutual love for dancing, exploring the outdoors, and horse riding.

It wasn’t long before John and Shanae became inseparable. They attended prom together and became an official couple as soon as John was able to gather the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend.

John’s father, David Brown, is glad that the two have found love in each other. He says the pair is now “basically attached at the hip.” They even like to wear matching shirts most of the time.

After two years, John decided that he wanted to be with Shanae for the rest of his life, so he asked her to marry him. Of course, Shanae said yes!

John’s best friend, photographer Megan Van Dam, captured the special moment which took place in a sunflower field. The Ohio-based couple’s happiness upon their engagement was perfectly reflected in Megan’s gorgeous shots.

As someone who has been in John’s life for a very long time, Megan has witnessed the times when people would treat John awfully and would doubt his ability to live a productive life. So after their photoshoot, Megan eagerly shared their pictures on her photography Facebook page to show off the sweet couple’s engagement and to inspire people all over the world with their love!

“They share a love greater than one I have ever seen. They love through the good, the bad, and everything in between. Always by each other’s sides. They make each other laugh. Smile. Cry. They hold each other in times of comfort. Together, they beat the odds that some people may have against them and prove they are capable of being of loving and most importantly being loved,” she wrote, alongside photos of John and Shanae in the sunflower field.

David, who has been married to his wife for 18 years, couldn’t be any happier now that his son has found a love of his own.

“’These two amazing people have been a blessing in our lives, and I hope their love story reaches other parents with children that have special needs, and for them to know that love is out there for everyone and to never give up hope,” he said. “Love always finds a way — and I’m so glad it found its way to John and Shanae.”

The couple is set to tie the knot in May 2020.

Congratulations on your engagement, John and Shanae! Together with thousands of people all over the world, we are here to cheer you on towards your beautiful journey together.

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