Couple with Down syndrome shares sweetest airport reunion after time apart

Nothing could ever keep this love-struck couple with Down syndrome apart – not even distance.

Raleigh, North Carolina resident Gabi Angelini is a young entrepreneur who employs other people with disabilities. Last May, she went to Detroit, Michigan for a convention, and that is where the 21-year-old met Nick Doyle.

It was love at first sight.


Nick, 30, is a performer in the world’s first improv troupe composed of people with Down syndrome. Like Gabi, he was in Detroit to attend the National Down Syndrome Society’s yearly convention. The pair instantly felt the undeniable chemistry between them. According to Nick’s mom, Lisa, the two were inseparable by the end of the event.

However, Nick never got the chance to get Gabi’s number.

When he got back to their Canton, Ohio home, Nick couldn’t stop thinking about the girl he just met. Unwilling to lose Gabi, he immediately went online and found her on social media. They picked up where they left off, frequently texting, phoning, and video chatting each other.

Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait too long to be with each other again, as they had planned to attend another conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a month later.

Lisa Doyle

“They spent every second together those three days but again, so sad at the end as there were no more conferences to bring them together,” Lisa told InspireMore.

A few weeks after being separated from Nick once more, Gabi cried and confessed to her mother, Mary, how much she missed him. As a mother, Mary couldn’t bear to see her daughter in misery, so she secretly contacted Lisa.

The two moms then came up with a surprise plan to reunite the lovebirds who were badly missing each other!


Mary booked Gabi a ticket to Ohio and told her that they were going to a conference. On the other hand, Lisa told Nick that a friend needed a ride from the airport.

When Nick spotted Gabi on the escalator, he couldn’t believe his eyes! He even dropped to his knees at one point, obviously feeling overwhelmed with what was happening. Gabi was super excited as well, running and leaping into her boyfriend’s arms once she got the chance to.


The heartwarming reunion was recorded on video by Lisa, and it is one of the sweetest things you will ever watch!


Neither Gabi nor Nick have been in a romantic relationship before. Lisa explained that “people with Down syndrome have no warm up time when it comes to love. They lean in and love fully.”

The couple and their mothers were able to spend a wonderful time in Ohio. Knowing that they had little time, they savored every moment with each other. Lisa said that she’s never seen Nick so happy in his whole life!

“We are confident there will be wedding bells in their future,” she said. “Maybe ‘The Today Show’ will pick up their story for their ‘Today Throws a Wedding’ episode!”

Watch Nick and Gabi’s sweet reunion in the video below.

It definitely is a match made in heaven. Stay in love, Nick and Gabi!