Couple adopts seven siblings in foster care who lost their parents to a car accident

One day in 2019, Pam Willis was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she encountered a heartbreaking news story. It was about seven siblings looking for a permanent home.

The children had been in foster care for over a year after losing their parents in a car crash in May 2018. Their car flipped onto its side and led their 42-year-old dad and 31-year-old mom to suffer fatal injuries.

Each of the kids suffered varying degrees of injuries during the accident. Luckily, none of them were life-threatening. They had no other family to look after them, so the four brothers and three sisters were put up for adoption after making a full recovery.

Seven siblings

When Pam, an attorney, saw their photos, she couldn’t stop staring at their hopeful faces.

“I can’t explain it — I just knew I was supposed to be their mom,” the 50-year-old told TODAY Parents.

Pam tagged her husband, US Navy veteran Gary Willis, 53, so he would see the write-up. She wrote, “Omg stop! Gary, can we adopt them?”

Pam Willis and Gary Willis with their seven adopted children

The couple from Menifee, California, share five adult children. They have been fostering kids for years. However, they had never discussed adoption, so Pam was sure that Gary would disagree.

“I thought Gary was going to tell me I was wacko — we were getting ready to retire,” Pam recalled.

But to her relief—and surprise—Gary felt the same way she did.

“I hated the thought of having a big six-bed house that’s empty because my kids have grown up and moved out. I didn’t want to have all these rooms and no one to live in them,” Pam told Metro UK.

That same night, they called the number listed at the bottom of the article. They were told that they had already received thousands of calls from people interested in taking in Adelino, 15, Ruby, 13, Aleecia, 9, Anthony, 8, Aubriella, 7, Leo, 5, and Xander, 4.

But two months later, Pam and Gary were matched with the siblings!

The Willis family all dressed up for church

During the screening process, the couple learned that the kids had experienced a great deal of trauma. Their late parents battled with addiction, and the family often stayed in homeless encampments.

Pam revealed it was easier connecting with the younger kids because “they were just desperately craving permanency.” The older two were trickier, and Pam completely understands why.

“I think they didn’t quite trust that we were real. Like maybe we were going to go away,” she said. “I think it’s so hard to trust when so much has been taken from your life. Ruby didn’t know how to be a kid. She had to be a mother figure at a very young age.”

Since first moving in with them in June 2019, Pam said the children have been a joy to be around. The kids even call them “mom” and “dad,” and they have also developed close relationships with their biological older children.

The first six months involved a lot of adjustment. The kids struggled with sleep and frequently had nightmares. One night, her then 7-year-old came into their room. When Pam asked if she had a bad dream, she replied, “No, I just wanted to make sure that you were still here.”

Pam Willis and Gary Willis with their 12 children

Pam and Gary proved that they weren’t going anywhere. In August 2020, they officially adopted the seven siblings!

Their biological children, Matthew, 32, Andrew, 30, Alexa, 27, Sophia, 23, and Sam, 20, were present during the virtual ceremony.

“It was awesome,” Pam recalled. “We brought a big TV screen out to the park so everybody could watch and cheer and be safe during COVID. There was so much love.”

Pam and Gary, who are now busy parents of 12, share their family’s adventures on Instagram, where they have amassed 41,000 followers! Follow them to be inspired by their story and incredible generosity.

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7 thoughts on “Couple adopts seven siblings in foster care who lost their parents to a car accident”

  1. Oh wow….this story brought literal tears to my eyes. It is so beautiful to know there are selfless, generous, kind and loving people that still exist in this world. God bless the entire family!!

  2. This is so beautiful. God is amazing and an ever present help in times of trouble. How fortunate for both the children and the parents. God Bless you all as you grow together in God’s love.

  3. Absolutely agree with the previous comments. The parents are meant to take care of these beautiful children of Gods. Filled with compassion, love and the utmost caring hearts that the parents have – they were blessed in receiving these gifts. May God in His love continue to watch over and protect this amazing family

  4. The world can seem to be falling apart all around us.. but then you read a story so heartwarming & full of love!! Congratulations to this big beautiful awesome loving family. May God continue to bless you & keep you forever ✝️♥️

  5. I think they were led to this family, by God. What a wonderful family for these seven children to become a part of. I hope they have many years of happiness.

  6. This is a beautiful story. God sent these children to Pam and Gary because he knew they would be the perfect parents for these children. I think the children feel the love Pam and Gary have for them. May God be with these family always.

  7. hello I enjoyed reading your blog, positivity is the only way, my blog (only done 2) but it is all about being positive, as you are, in any situation that is thrown at us. Your children look amazing and seem so well adjusted after all they have been through. Sue (bloggerbarnes)

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