You can now buy a cost-effective farmhouse made from a shipping container, take a look inside

If you’re from Texas, you’d be happy to know that you can now own a cost-effective farmhouse made out of a shipping container!

Yes, you read that right.

houses made of shipping containers
Backcountry Containers

Different housing trends have been popping up in recent years, such as farmhouse living and the tiny house movement, where homeowners opt to downsize their homes to a few hundred square feet and practice a minimalist lifestyle.

Now, a company based in Needville, Texas is combining the two trends to create cost-effective shipping container homes that mirror the charm of farmhouses.

house made of shipping containers
Backcountry Containers

Backcountry Containers provides these custom homes that are crafted from stacked or adjoined 20- and 40-foot containers. Running the company is husband and wife Jon and Kristen Meier.

You’ve probably seen them in the DIY Network program, “Containables”, which shows them transforming plain shipping containers into some of the most charming and unique homes imaginable.

shipping containers
Backcountry Containers

Jon, an aeronautical engineer, is responsible for the engineering work, while Kristen handles the creatives and design.

Like any other customized homes, the cost of building these container houses varies. A 20-foot shipping container home starts at $40,000 and a 40-foot container home starts at $60,000. Multiple containers for a bigger build start at around $100,000.

two story home made of shipping containers
Backcountry Containers

You will have to pay separately for add-ons such as porches, rooftop decks, appliances, and other extras.


If you have qualms about living in a house made out of a shipping container, then these factors might ease some of them.

According to the company, all their containers are inspected to be water and wind tight – all walls, ceilings, and floors are insulated with closed-cell foam spray insulation.

Backcountry Containers

Each home is also equipped with air conditioning and heating, so you can adjust the temperature according to what feels most comfortable for you.

As for durability, remember that these containers are designed to be stacked on cargo ships, so they are unquestionably robust.

Backcountry Containers

These shipping container homes look absolutely gorgeous! Would you want to live in one?

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