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Coca-Cola’s heartwarming Christmas commercial will make you cry

Coca-Cola surely has an amazing way of tugging at our heartstrings this Christmas season. If their previous Christmas commercials were cheerful and light-hearted; this time, they planned to warm our hearts and make us cry.

We might celebrate Christmas a little bit different this year because of the ongoing global pandemic but Coca-Cola reminded us through their advert that the spirit of Christmas still remains.


The heart-warming Christmas commercial by Coca-Cola only lasts for two-and-a-half-minute but is long enough to stir anyone’s emotions and make them cry. The clip began as a little girl ran to his Dad who was apparently leaving for work. She handed him a letter for Santa Claus and hugged him goodbye.

At work, the father can be seen having lunch with a bottle of Coca-Cola. He noticed the letter her little girl gave him and suddenly remembered he had to give it to Santa Claus. The man realized he had to go to the North Pole but he missed the big boat. With his own little boat, he braved the enormous waves and was even jumped on by a whale.

The man ended up battling all the hurdles along the way while making sure the letter was safe and sound. He luckily made it to Santa’s house but the door sign said it was “closed for Christmas.” Very sad and hopeless, he just kneeled down until a Coca-Cola delivery truck suddenly came to rescue to take him back home.


No one would surely know where this story was going but one thing is for sure, this part is where the “cherry on top” is. When the man arrived home, the truck driver gave him back the letter.

He had the surprise of his life when he read the letter which says, “Dear Santa, please bring Daddy back home this Christmas.” Another big surprise was the delivery driver was actually Santa Claus.

The turn of events in this heart-wrenching advert is truly amazing. However, we shouldn’t be surprised that such absurd scenes will end up with a big bang and make us cry because it was directed by Oscar-winner Taika Waititi.

Taika Waititi is a film and TV director from New Zealand who is also known for his outstanding works such as Jojo Rabbit, Boy, Eagle vs. Shark, and Thor: Ragnarok.


As expected, a lot of people praised Coca-Cola for their heart-warming advert and some even said this may be the year’s best Christmas commercial. On YouTube, there were plenty of positive comments about the advert. One of them wrote, “Need to get the tissues, so heartwarming. Well done, Coca-Cola!

Another commenter, P Mardi, said the video was so good it made him reminisce about his childhood. He wrote, “This kind of ad takes me to the 80s when I was a child. Nice that Coca Cola comes back to its roots.”


While some are happy reminiscing, Hazel Pioneta is currently in a very sad situation: “I lost my dad two months ago. This little girl is very blessed to have her dad back home for Christmas. Advance Merry Christmas everyone! Appreciate and be thankful may it big or small!”

This year’s Coca-Cola Christmas advert is not only a tear-jerker but is also a beautiful reminder that love and family matter most whatever the season is. It also showed us that we may face a lot of struggles and hindrances throughout our life journey, but our resilience and desire to survive will stand out in the end.


Another great lesson from this advert is to be happy with what we have in life, big or small. If a little girl didn’t ask for material things this Christmas, who are we to ask for more than we can afford?

Sometimes, what matters in life are the little things and we don’t have to look for them anywhere else. Often, they are just around the corner, at home, or inside our hearts.

Watch this video to see the actual Coca-Cola Christmas advert. Don’t forget to prepare your tissues!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.