An 11-year-old’s clever ‘ice cold beer’ sign prompts a visit from the police

Root beer wins over lemonade for this 11-year-old boy from Utah.

Lemonade is a staple drink during hot summer days. When the warmer months come, we see kids putting up stands to sell this beverage because they know people would buy it. After all, who doesn’t love its refreshingly sweet and tangy flavor?

While most people would agree, this boy believes otherwise. That’s because his preferred drink is far from this citrusy delight – it’s root beer!

boy sells ice cold root beer

Instead of lemonade, Seth set up a stand selling root beer. But he did so with a brilliant twist. Seth’s advertisement for his small business came in the form of a huge card with the words “ICE COLD BEER” written on it.

This caught the attention of concerned neighbors and resulted in the Brigham City Police Department receiving three different reports about the operation.

How could it not when this minor is seen selling “alcoholic” drinks?

But when the police officers arrived at the scene, they realized that there was nothing to worry about. All they found was one clever salesman and his ice-cold root beers.

ice cold root beer

“Quite honestly, once our officers got there they found it quite ingenious,” Lt. Tony Ferderber told CNN.

After all, the evidence doesn’t lie. If you would look closely enough at Seth’s sign, you would see a little “root” written above “BEER.” Of course, the boy wouldn’t have pulled the marketing campaign without the help of his mom and dad.

“What better way to get peoples’ attention?” said Alexis Parker, Seth’s mom.

Seth was happy when the officers dropped by his stand. According to Ferderber, the officers also made sure to buy a bottle from him.

The police department shared pictures of Seth and his root beer stand on their Facebook page, and Alexis says that since the exposure, his son’s business has been doing well.

root beer for sale

Seth will operate the stand until the school year begins, and he and Alexis are currently brainstorming about how it can be improved. In fact, they are looking into expanding it to towns near Brigham City very soon!

It’s good that at an early age, Seth’s parents are already teaching him about the basics of entrepreneurship. No matter how simple a root beer stand may seem, the skills that he will learn from this small business venture can take him a long way.