Cat who needed his eyes surgically removed after owner’s death seeks new home

In late April, the orange tabby arrived at the Animal Rescue League in Boston, Massachusetts, after his owner died. Johnathan was diagnosed with severe entropion, a condition in which the eyelid curls inward toward the eye.

According to Mike DeFina, communications and media relations officer for Animal Rescue League of Boston, the condition feels like having your eyelashes on the other side of your eyelid. Whenever you blink, it will irritate your eyes, which explains why John was in such discomfort.

“He was nervous any time anyone tried to touch his head, and he was yowling quite a bit. He was in pain,” he said.

An orange tabby without eyes

The poor cat’s condition was so serious that the entropion was causing ulcerations to his eyes and affecting his vision. Although it was a drastic measure, the team decided it would be best to surgically remove his eyes.

Fortunately, the cat is on his way to complete recovery. Now that he’s not in constant pain, Johnathan’s personality began to shine through.

“This has allowed John to really show us who he is,” DeFina said. “He was a friendly cat to begin with, but since the surgery, he’s not yowling and he’s more accepting of pets from both our staff and volunteers.”

An orange tabby without eyes

He said that the cat loves having his cheeks stroked and giving headbutts. After the surgery, Johnathan became a much more comfortable and happier feline.

Since the sweet feline is still adjusting to life with vision, a quiet home where he is the only pet and where there’s minimal foot traffic would be best for him.

The adopter should also let Johnathan explore his new surroundings independently and resist the urge to pick him up and carry him to another room so that he can familiarize himself with his new environment.

“Once he figures out where everything is — where his food will be, where his litter box will be, where the couch is — he’s going to be great. Cats are so resilient. They’re amazing,” DeFina said. “The lack of sight certainly won’t inhibit him in any way. He has a long, healthy life ahead of him.”

A woman holding an orange tabby with no eyes

DeFina and the team at Animal Rescue League are glad they’ve been able to take care of Johnathan and other pets with special needs.

“I think he’s going to make a wonderful addition to whoever is lucky enough to bring him home,” DeFina said. “He’s very lovable.”

On May 27, the rescue posted a call for adoption on their Twitter account.

“Can we find John the loving home he deserves? This 9-year-old boy was brought to us when his owner passed away and had a medical condition that required the removal of his eyes– but it hasn’t stopped him from being the sweet boy he is!” they captioned the post.

A woman holding an orange tabby with no eyes

UPDATE: Luckily, the shelter didn’t have to wait too long. The very next day, the rescue said that he has been adopted!

Many people were glad to know that Johnathan quickly found a new owner. Here are some of their reactions to the news of his adoption.

“I’m so happy he was adopted. I would have taken him in a minute and paid for his flight out to Ca. If it doesn’t work out I have room.”

“Congratulations and THANK YOU KINDLY for rescuing this wonderful fella. Please post your adventures so we can keep up with John.”

“Thank goodness! What a sweet baby! I hope he will be happy in his new home. Sending love!”

Hopefully, everything turns out well for Johnathan in his new home!

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