Camera captures tear-jerking moment when confused dog finally realizes he’s going home

According to Science, keeping a pet decreases your chances of having depression, stress, and anxiety.

It also lowers one’s blood pressure and boosts your immunity. However, despite all of these benefits owning a pet brings, there are still a lot of dogs spending their lives in animal shelters.

Approximately, there are over 6.5 million animals being sent to animal shelters nationwide in a year. Out of this overwhelming figure, 3.3 millions are dogs who are seeking to be adopted in a new home.


It is not a secret that a lot of dogs who cannot be adopted due to old age and illnesses are euthanized. In fact, there are about 600,000 dogs who are being put down yearly.

That’s why animal shelters are doing their best to encourage people to adopt dogs instead of buying it from pet shops. There are millions of dogs stuck in animal shelters who are longing to have an owner to love and play with.


These are the kind of dogs who are strays, lost, victims of abuse, and whose owners cannot take care of them anymore. They are the dogs who desperately need a new home.

Benny, a male pit bull rescued from Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena California, had no idea that he has a good chance to be put down.

In fact, when people visit their shelter to look for a new pet to take care of, Benny greets them, probably hoping that they will take him home with them.

However, day after day, week after week, almost a month after he was brought on the high-kill shelter, Benny was still inside his cage.


Fortunately for Benny, a new family who was interested in him dropped by the shelter to save him from being euthanized.

When the staff of the shelter entered his cage, Benny wagged his tail in excitement. And when the staff dangled a red leash, though cautious at first, the pit bull willingly wore it.

No words could describe the immense happiness Benny felt when he took his first step outside of his cage as a free dog. And when Benny met his new family, his excitement cannot be contained.


Benny touched his new owner with his paw and jumped around the shelter when his new owner took hold of his leash.

Benny sure did miss exploring life outside the animal shelter. Obviously thrilled, Benny jumped, ran, and sniffed almost every corner of the streets.

And what makes Benny’s experience better was how his new family accompanied him with love and patience. Finally, Benny has a new owner who will give him love tickles!


The heart-melting moment when Benny realized that he is finally found a forever home with a new family, captured in a video, was well-received by online citizens. Garnering millions of views, likes and shares.

The video sheds light to the dire situation of the dogs and animals in animal shelters, encouraging people to adopt companion animals and save dogs like Benny.

Watch Benny’s touching video below and see his incredible reaction upon meeting his new family!

2 thoughts on “Camera captures tear-jerking moment when confused dog finally realizes he’s going home”

  1. Tear jerking true story. Thank you for saving Benny. I pray this touches others so they adopt also and take good care of their adopted pet.

  2. So happy for Benny, God bless his new family for giving him a new life. He will repay you a million times over with love & loyalty. Dogs never forget who takes them home.

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