Boy sees empty treat bowl and fills it with candy taken from his own bag

For children, the best part about Halloween is dressing up as their favorite characters and going trick-or-treating around the neighborhood to collect candies. By the end of the night, kids would have their bags and baskets full of sweet treats that they can’t wait to gobble up and enjoy!

During this holiday, adults make sure to fill a bowl with lots of candy and put in front of their houses so that kids dropping by wouldn’t be disappointed with an empty one.

However, this is exactly what happened to a young boy who was trick-or-treating in Gambrills, Maryland. In a video captured by a door camera, Jackson Champagne can be seen dressed in a Dracula costume. When he encountered the empty bowl on the porch, he appeared – as any kid would – disappointed for a moment.

“Oh no,” he said. “There ain’t no more candy.”

The boy put his hand under his chin as if he was contemplating, and what he did next was nothing short of amazing.


The 8-year-old reached into his bag and pulled out a handful of candy to fill the treat bowl with the sweets he has collected. And he did it twice!

During that night, he was with his little sister Gracie and mom, Danielle Champagne, who felt so proud of what her boy did.

“I had a moment, a mommy moment, and I was, like, patting myself on the back, ‘Aww, that’s my son,’” she said.


The homeowner, Kevin Hodges, was reviewing the video recording at work and sent it to his wife, Leslie, who then posted in on Facebook.

“I was actually watching it with the guys on my shift as Jackson dug into his bag and put candy in the bowl, so I immediately made a clip of it and sent it to (my wife) and said, ‘Check this kid out. You won’t believe it,'” he said.

Leslie felt that she needed to share Jackson’s act of generosity with the world.

“For a child to do that without being prompted, it was really nice, so I said other people need to see this,” she said.

Within a day of posting the video, it has already been viewed millions of times!


“It’s something you try to teach your kids without pushing it on them or forcing it on them, you know, giving back,” said Jackson’s dad, Tyler Champagne, of his son’s good deed.

Last Halloween, a then 11-year-old boy named Hayden Chaple did the same thing when he encountered an empty treat bowl on the porch of his neighbor’s house. The boy also took candy from his own loot and put it in the empty bowl so the kids next to him would not be disappointed!

Watch the video below to see Jackson’s good deed for Halloween.

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