Adorable big brother’s reaction when little sister arrives at the airport is simply adorable

The love between siblings is always a precious sight to see, and here’s one TikTok video showing just that.

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the heartwarming clip!

In the TikTok video, a big brother named Liam Parrish was captured waiting at the airport, all giddy and nervous because he will be seeing his sister again.

A boy waiting in the airport

Liam had been missing her so much while she was in Texas for a week as this was the longest time they’ve ever been apart. But seeing how excited he was to meet his sister, you’d think they were separated for years.

As Liam waited in the arrivals area, he kept pacing back and forth. Even though he wore a mask, it’s clear that he was all smiles underneath. This big brother just couldn’t contain his excitement!

Liam continued to check the hallway for any signs of his sister until the moment he had been waiting for finally came.

When Liam saw his sister from afar, he began waving at her. There was a “Do Not Cross” sign in the passenger receiving area, and this precious lad really tried with all his might not to go beyond it.

A boy waiting in the airport

But when his sister began running in his direction, this big brother couldn’t help himself and crossed the line a bit as he leaned down to enveloped her in a bear hug!

It’s clear that the pair were elated to be together again, and we’re lucky that their mom, Marleigh, captured their sweet reunion on video.

So far, the clip has earned 1.4 million likes and 14K comments on TikTok. Here are some of the viewers’ reactions:

“This made me cry. So sweet. The minute he opened his arms and she ran to them I lost it. Most precious thing I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Precious. He will always look out for her, you can tell.”

A brother and sister hugging at the airport

“This is so special. What an incredible bond they have.”

“My heart and soul really needed this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment. Your family is so precious.”

Watch this sweet big brother reunite with his sister in the video below.

Another great example of sibling love is this brother and sister named Tariq, 5, and Ava, 3. Like any other siblings, they don’t always get along and sometimes fight over the silliest things.

This is why siblings often have a love-hate relationship with each other.

But despite that, Tariq and Ava have plenty of love for each other. And they show it in the cutest way possible.

As her older brother comes home from school every day, Ava runs to greet him, and Tariq gives her a big hug. She is still so little, so her big brother lifts her up in a hug and carries her to the sidewalk.

What a precious bond these siblings have! You can already tell that these big brothers will be their sisters’ protectors for the rest of their lives.

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