‘I don’t blame the girls. Not at all. I get it. All those jokes made everyone look at me as the fat guy.’

I don’t blame the girls. Not at all. I get it, I get it. But I’ve always wanted a wife. And kids. And as I get older it starts to get more real—I’ve never had a girlfriend.

I’ve always been the funny fat friend. It’s the one thing I’m good at. Making people laugh. It’s the greatest feeling in the world. Somebody is having a great time, and it’s because of me. I’ve always lived for that feeling: in elementary school, in middle school. But as I got older—something got twisted.

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All my jokes became about myself. When it was time to eat the cake at a birthday party, I’d joke about the size of my slice. When it was time to jump in the pool, I’d joke about taking off my shirt. I’d say: ‘The moon is coming out.’

And it always got a laugh. Which felt good, but it kind of sucks. Because I don’t think I’ve ever taken off my shirt without making a comment. It’s my way of protecting myself. Like: ‘No asshole, you can’t make fun of me. Because I beat you to it.’

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Humans of New York

But I think it might have fucked me up. All those jokes, all those years. Because it made everyone look at me as the fat guy. It made me look at myself as the fat guy.

My twitter handle is ‘Fatrick Ewing.’ My bio says: ‘Fat white guy with glasses.’ It sort of became my identity. I’m just a fat, funny idiot. That’s what I think about myself. And I feel like that’s what everyone else is thinking too.

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Humans of New York

Every time I’m in a waiting room, and the seat’s a little too small. Or when I walk into CVS. My anxiety gets so bad I can barely talk to the person behind the register.

My therapist tells me: ‘You’re a good guy, you’re nice, who cares?’ And she’s right, I get it. But I also think if I wasn’t fat, I’d probably have a girlfriend.

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Humans of New York

But I’m trying to love myself more. Every day I’m working on it. I make deliveries for my job, and let’s say I leave my scanner in the car. My mind is immediately gonna say: ‘You’re a fat asshole.’

But I’m trying to stop myself. I’m trying to say: ‘No, you’re not. You just forgot. People forget.’ I’m trying to get back to Luke again. The nice, funny dude. Who loves his friends. And his family. Not Luke the fat guy. Just Luke, before he decided to bully himself.

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7 thoughts on “‘I don’t blame the girls. Not at all. I get it. All those jokes made everyone look at me as the fat guy.’”

  1. Oh, honey! Please quit talking mean to yourself. You come across as a smart man rather than an idiot. Maybe it’s partly the weight but I see big guys with girlfriends all the time. I never liked skinny guys at all. I would like to see you speak to someone about increasing your self esteem. You are worthy of love!

  2. Luke, you are a good looking young man and you just need to tell yourself that. Have confidence in yourself and it will show. I am 75, widowed a year ago and I am starting to put myself out there and meeting people, hopefully finding another partner but enjoying life again! Have faith in yourself, the rest will come. Good luck.

  3. Luke you don’t need to loose weight to be loved! That’s not real, having a deep connection, trust, honesty, love, Friendship, passion are things that are grown and built and have nothing to do with unconditional love ❤ sure you might Meet someone but will it be real or fake! I’m heavy myself but I am me and I have so much to give..

  4. You’re so handsome! If you love yourself like you love others you will lose weight. I put on weight and being a girl I think its easier to carry it. My Fiance adores me and I need to lose weight to be healthier as pre diabetic. Keep being the lovely person you are and just pray for tge right person to fall in love with. I did and its been five years now and we will marry. Good luck!

  5. only you can change you, keep on working, everyone has something that needs work, that is what being human means. We never reach perfection, only Jesus was perfect. We have the choice of what we try to “fix”.

  6. You right it’s hard to ignore people’s comments and they get deep into our heads causing us to then beet ourselves up. People are not nice but that’s their insecurity. Weight does not make a person so each day love yourself for you not for others. Your great personality will take you to great places and give you all you need.
    If someone can’t see past your looks they are not what you want in your life anyway.

  7. Luke, most of us have some demons we battle growing up. They may be hidden from others, but our heart still raced when we were in social circumstances or if we had to stand in front of others. We just knew we were being judged…and harshly. Not pretty/good looking enough. Stupid!Stupid! STUPID. Why am I up here? Try to say the right thing in a group & they laugh at you! But not in a good way. STUPID. I hate my hair. I hate my face. I hate my body. Why can’t I be like her?
    Eventually, you realize you are your worse critic. Eventually I hope you will find people who love you just as you are. Eventually I hope you find someone professional to talk with who can give you ways to cope with those hateful voices when they pop up in your head. It will give you a head start on a happier you. I wish for you an extraordinary journey!

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