Amazing 90-year-old grandpa dances in perfect sync with two little girls

As the old saying goes, “age is just a number, but being young is an attitude.’ An elderly man from China shows the world that despite his old age, he still got his killer moves!

Dancing in public places such as the streets and parks is not only popular in China, it is also a part of their tradition. Public dancing has been a part of the lifestyle of their aging population for them to stay fit and healthy.

To the majority of the elder community, to still be physically active, their dance steps are composed of swaying their hips and swinging their hands. However, one grandfather in China is setting a higher standard for the elderly’s dance routine.

In a video uploaded by a Chinese news organization, an old man, wearing an all-black ensemble with white gloves, is seen dancing in perfect synchronization with two little girls! On the streets of China, the old man and the two children grooved to the tune of ‘Grassland Love Song,’ in perfect synchronization!

Without missing a beat, the three hopped, bopped, and moved side to side as they immersed themselves in the rhythm of the music.

Since the video was uploaded on Facebook, the video of the unlikely synchronized trio has already reached over 6.4 million views. People across continents cannot help but admire how the three kept their stoic and poker facial expression amidst the complicated choreography.

With the three of them doing the shuffle dance, the cripple walk dance, and the moonwalk, people cheer for the children and the elderly who ‘effortlessly’ pulled off the dance number.

Evident in the sweet laughter of the woman recording the video, the impressive dance moves of the elderly man brighten one’s day! Despite his old age he sure has a happy and youthful heart!

Watch the video of the grandpa, together with the two adorable little girls, who stole the hearts of people across the globe with their one-of-a-kind dance number. Certainly, their performance will paint a smile on your face!

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