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10 reasons why couples who sleep together live longer

A recent survey shows that couples who sleep together live longer and healthier. This proves that sleeping with a partner is better and has incredible benefits to you. 

It is also believed that you calm down when you are sleeping next to someone you are comfortable with like your partner, child, or a family member. Your blood pressure is regulated and your mind is at ease unlike when you spend time with a stranger.

Sleep is important in our life. Doctors recommend at least eight hours of sleep every day to attain its benefits. Below are some of the compelling reasons why you should sleep next to someone you care about.


1. The best feeling of someone embracing you while sleeping

You are looking forward to sleep in someone arms. “Spooning” is the common term used describing the intimacy between two people while sleeping. It gives a mix of different emotions like love, security, and peace.

2. Waking up in the morning

Apart from desiring to sleep beside someone, the same warmth can be felt waking up beside the person you love. The idea of starting the day with that special person means that you have something to look forward to.

3. Relaxing together at night

After a long day’s work, we wind down at home before going to bed. Single people have a tendency to spend their downtime in an unhealthy way like drinking too much and binging on junk food and TV. However, when you are relaxing with someone, you talk about how your day went and have a laugh.

4. Knowing things you don’t know about yourself

When you are spending time with someone on the bed, that person reveals all your blind spots. No matter how attentive you are to yourself, there are quirks and habits that only other people notice and know about you. Having someone tell you about those things will increase your awareness and fix your bad habits.

5. Be more productive

When you have someone relying on you, you tend to be more productive and do your best. For example, you do your best in your job since you need to support that person depending on you. Moreover, you do your part in the house for you are living with someone now. Unlike when you are still single, you are even lazy to clean up.


6. Spending off days together

What is better than spending the weekends with the person you love? Spending some time together doing the things you love. Whether it is going out or staying at home, off days are better when spent with a person you love.

7. It is good for your health

Sleep is good for your health, there is no argument against that. A good night’s sleep means less nervousness and stress. Your immune system lowers when you lack sleep.

When you are sleeping next to another person, you tend to fall asleep faster and better. Moreover, you do not wake up as often as you do because you feel safe.

8. Safe and security

You feel safe and secure when there are arms around you. A slight noise from your partner will not wake up for you are familiar with it. Therefore, you sleep better knowing you are safe and sound.

9. Strengthen your relationship

Spending time together will just strengthen the relationship. There is a scientific reason behind it. Love hormone called oxytocin increases when you sleep with your partner. It also filled the relationship with happiness.

10. That warm, fuzzy feeling

Overall, you have this feeling of warmth every day that you spend with another person. If you will put it into words, it is the feeling of satisfaction and love.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.