Young girl can’t hold back her tears when foster mom turns and tells her: ‘Today’s Your Day’

When you ask children about what they want, their answers are usually predictable: things like toys, computer games, and gadgets are just some of the typical stuff children want to have. But for the little girl Shailee, she wants something else – she just wants to be adopted.

Jeremiah and Jessica Frank from Arizona are happily married with one son named Skyler. Jessica has always considered having another child through adoption, but Jeremiah disagrees, being content in their family life.

Jessica’s parents were foster parents. And through the years, Jessica has witnessed what other kids go through when they don’t have their own family.


Shailee is a foster child who was being taken care of by Jessica’s parents. Jessica’s family loves hiking, and in March 2016, her parents invited Jessica, Jeremiah and Skyler to go hiking with them. Shailee was there, too.

They had lunch after the hike, and that’s when Jeremiah had the chance to talk to Shailee.  Shailee told Jeremiah that she just wants a family to adopt her. And that was enough for Jeremiah to have a change of heart.

The same night, Jeremiah told Jessica that they should sign up for classes and complete the requirements and licenses for them to become foster parents. And by December 2016, Shailee has finally moved in with them.


Shailee had no idea that they were planning to adopt her. She simply thought that Jessica’s parents have stopped fostering children that’s why she had to move to another home.

The couple decided to keep the adoption a secret. They wanted to surprise Shailee as well as Skyler. When they got the final adoption date, they still kept it from the kids. And finally, on November 7, 2017, it was time to finalize the adoption papers. Jeremiah and Jessica acted as if it was an ordinary day – they took the kids to school and picked them up after.

When the couple broke the news to Shailee, her reaction was so pure and heartwarming that it is enough to move many people to tears. Jessica said “Her reaction was more than I ever hoped for. For a kid that had been praying for adoption for years, this was it.”


It’s heartbreaking to know that there are children born in this world without a permanent family, that there are innocent kids who need to move from foster parents to foster parents, that there are little hopeful hearts that don’t know if they would ever get the chance to say that they truly are a part of a family.

Now, there’s one less lonely child without a family, thanks to Jeremiah and Jessica.

It’s a harsh world out there, that’s why every child in the world deserves a loving family who will take care of them, who would love them, who would guide them, and who would be with them through thick and thin.

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