After years of asking, young boy finally gets to hold his precious rainbow baby brother

For some people, the picture of the six-year-old Mikey Marotta holding his baby brother, Jake Marotta, maybe just an ordinary picture of siblings showering each other with some brotherly love.

But for Jessica and Micheal Marotta, Mikey’s parents, his photo shows a child whose eyes are glowing with joy after finally getting his wish!

According to the proud parents, Mikey strongly expressed his desire to have a baby brother and always asked them when will they give him a brother to play with.

Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

Jessica shared that she would always respond to her son with a seemingly reluctant answer of ‘when it’s time.’ Unbeknownst  to the young boy, his parents are trying everything they could to grant his desire.

When Mikey reached the age of 3, his parents have started trying to make their second baby. However, for how many times, the pregnancy test kept on showing a negative result.

It was only in year 2016 that the couple finally got the good news their family has been longing to hear! The test finally showed a positive result a few days away from Christmas.

Unable to contain their overwhelming happiness, Jessica and Michael shared the great news to their parents. Everyone who knew about Jessica’s good news were happy for their new blessings. Jessica imagined celebrating Christmas with Mikey and his new sibling.

Courtesy of Jessica Marotta

However, 11 weeks after, an unfortunate event devastated their family’s dream. Jessica started bleeding at work and on the next day, her baby’s heart stopped beating.

No words are enough to describe how she and her husband grieved over the angel they have lost. Jessica and Michael never informed Mikey about her pregnancy, for they did not want his heart to be broken as well.

Instead, Jessica and Michael decided to move to a new community they would call home. Their plans of having a baby was put on-hold, and even gave up on it.

“Every time Mikey asked for his baby brother, we would explain to him that there may be a chance that he may never get a baby brother. It broke our hearts to say these words to him, but we found a way to settle into a life just the three of us in our new home and enjoy our summer.” Jessica shared to Love What Matters.

Eight months after her miscarriage, Jessica discovered that she was pregnant once again. Fearing that she might lose her baby in another miscarriage, she did not inform Mikey about it until her pregnancy reached 12 weeks.

“I was shocked that we were pregnant … but then we refused to get excited. We were so scared that we didn’t talk about it at all. We wanted to wait until we were out of the first trimester to tell our siblings,” Jessica said, sharing how eager Mikey was after knowing about her pregnancy.

“He was very teary-eyed and excited. He was very emotional. [He] wanted to know when the baby was going to come.”

Due to complications, Mikey’s baby brother had to be delivered via emergency C-section at 30 weeks and 6-days. On the 6th day of March, Jake was born, weighing 1 pound and 12 ounces. Since he is a premature baby, Mikey did not have the opportunity to welcome his brother in a hug as the doctors whisked him away.

In fact, it took more than a week before Mikey finally got the chance to have an intimate moment with the baby brother he has long-awaited for.

“It was very sweet. He was very excited… When he started holding Jake he just giggled, it was a nervous giggle. He blinked a lot because he was really emotional. It was probably one of the most emotional things I’ve ever seen without a lot of tears because he was so happy at the same time.” Jessica shared, recalling the touching moment she witnessed.

In the 62 days that baby Jake had spent in the NICU to strengthen himself, Mikey diligently visited and tended to his baby brother the best that he could.

Since the day that Jake was discharged and was finally allowed to go home, Jessica revealed that the two boys would always snuggle with each other. Showing how strong their bond is and how affectionate they are with each other.

“Every morning our two boys start their day with snuggles in my bed. I feel honored to witness their love. Their bond is amazing, and my husband and I often say that we wish Jake looked at us the way he looks at Mikey.” Jessica shared, truly proud and grateful for her children.

“[Mikey] loves him so much. He snuggles with him, he says the most beautiful things to him and tells him funny stories,” Jessica added.

True enough Mikey just couldn’t get enough of his baby brother. Certainly, Mikey can’t wait for the fun adventures he will have together with his equally adorable baby brother, Jake.

Watch the emotional moment big brother lovingly holds his rainbow baby brother below:

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