Woman realizes important lesson after a kind stranger shared her ‘wipes’ with her on a flight

Taking a flight home from a trip I really couldn’t reschedule. A little anxious coming, and a lot more anxious going.

Turns out panic buyers ransacking the grocery stores and shutting down businesses from coast to coast makes a person with anxiety a little on edge. Who knew.

I’m living in a world that only seems like a movie. One of the scary ones I tend to avoid.

At the airport, I’m careful of how close I get to others, keeping my distance and counting the passengers to determine if I’ll be sat next to someone or not.

On the airplane, lots of empty seats. Kinda like the grocery store shelves right now. People are scared. And rightfully so if you’ve been on the internet or turned on your TV for 5 seconds in the last week.

Passengers around me are worried, and I can tell as they’re wiping their seats and washing their surroundings as best they can.

And then, this face shows up from the row in front. “Would you like one?” She asks, wiggling the package of her Wet Ones through the seats.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen, but these things are basically gold right now. People are paying premium to get their hands on a pack. You can’t find them on shelves and they’re sold out almost everywhere online.

Chalaine Scott Kilduff

But today, my girl – a stranger in seat 6D – wasn’t just looking out for her. She was looking out for me. She didn’t care what color my skin was. She wasn’t concerned how I vote or what I believe in. Today, we were just two people trying to get to where we need to be, trying to stay as healthy as we can.

To some, it’s just a silly sanitary wipe, but to me, it’s a message.

That we’re in this together.
That a little gesture can go a long way.
That a selfless heart can save lives.

Because you know what people need right now? To care about other people. Because the only way we get through times like these is by putting our neighbors before ourselves.

Beautiful stranger who shared her ‘wipes’ with a fellow passenger.

And right now, our grandparents – and our society – are depending on it.

So share your wipes.
But not your opinions.
Do more washing and less whining.
And stay the heck home if you can!
(Which is where I’ll be headed until further notice as soon as my plane lands!)

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