Security camera captures homeless woman’s happy dance after nailing her job interview

Getting a job during a pandemic is almost impossible, so when this woman learned she was close to having one, she couldn’t help but dance for joy and it was captured by a security camera for us to enjoy now. 

Kayallah Jones, who had been homeless for two years, applied for a waitressing position at The Spot, a restaurant in Georgia, Atlanta. When she went in for her interview in September, Dakara Spence, the manager who interviewed her, was impressed by her enthusiasm.

Kayallah Jones

“She had like a great energy, I felt it when she walked in, she seemed really positive,” Spence said.

Knowing she aced the interview, Jones walked out of the restaurant feeling excited. When she got to the parking lot out front, she checked the area to see if anyone else was there. She didn’t notice the security camera.

After seeing that the coast was clear, Jones broke out into a quick celebratory dance before walking away. Little did she know that she was caught in the act by the security camera!

“I was excited. When I got outside, I didn’t know that the cameras caught me,” she told CBS46.

Kayallah Jones dancing for joy

Jones had good reason to celebrate – Spence eventually called to tell her she got the job.

“I called her phone and I said ‘I’m going to hire you and I seen your happy dance, so you can continue dancing’ and she was just screaming through the phone. It was a beautiful moment for me,” the restaurant manager recalled.

Spence also shared the video of Jones’ adorable dance on TikTok.

“I hired this young girl today and this was her response,” she captioned the post.

So far, the clip has been viewed over 4.2 million times!

Kayallah Jones and Dakara Spence posing together for a photo

Amid the video of her happy dance going viral, Jones couldn’t be more grateful to find employment, especially during these challenging times.

“Ms. Dakara didn’t know but I was going through so much, and at that point, when she gave me this chance and this opportunity, I was elated, excited and so overwhelmed to the point where no one understood how happy and accomplished I felt at that moment,” Jones said.

A similar story is about this woman from Nashville named LaShenda Williams. The 46-year-old has been through many hurdles in her life, and these challenges caused her to lose her home and live in her car for two years.

There were times when she wanted to give up, but Williams held on to the hope that tomorrow will be better. She just has to find the right opportunity.

Finally, that chance came when she met Jackie Vandal, a hiring manager at the Inglewood Kroger where Williams parks her car every night.

Ever since Vandal posted a job opening at the store, Williams would ask her if they got room for her. The manager didn’t know her name then, but she felt her genuine desire to work at the grocery.

LaShenda Williams doing an interview in front of her car
NBC News

“You get a feel if someone’s sincere or if they’re just trying to get a job to say they got one and then quit a month later,” she said. “She was very sincere.”

On the day of the job fair, Williams was one of the first applicants to show up. Vandal asked if she had already submitted an online application as she needed one to be considered for the job.

She hadn’t, so Williams walked back to her car to fetch her laptop. She then asked Vandal if she can plug it in the store, and then she typed away.

Vandal helped her accomplish the online application in between doing interviews. And as soon as the “successfully applied” notification appeared on the computer, Vandal immediately hired her!

After almost a year, Williams was able to save enough money to afford a one-bedroom apartment. The community also helped her get back on her feet by donating furniture, household items, clothes, and shoes.

If there’s something we can learn from this story, it’s that we should never take anything we have for granted!

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