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Woman dresses up her 7 dogs as the seven dwarfs from Snow White

If you think only humans can pull off awesome costumes during Halloween, then this woman and her seven dogs will prove you wrong!

For most people, this holiday is all about dressing up as their favorite characters and attending Halloween parties with their friends. For kids, it is all about trick-or-treating around the neighborhood to collect lots of candies.

Sasha Hobson and her family love dressing up for Halloween, but coming up with the perfect group costume every year is a challenge, since their bunch includes seven dogs.

“Every year we dress up the dogs for Halloween and do a photo shoot,” she told The Dodo. “The dogs are now so used to it that when we say the words ‘photo shoot’ the dogs all jump to attention because they know they are about to get some treats!”

Her dogs are aged 6 to 12 years old and include a small Chihuahua and black Labrador. With such a diverse group, it could be difficult to find outfits that would reflect their unique personalities. That is until Sandra came up with a brilliant idea.

“This Halloween is the first year with all seven of them, so we wanted to find a way to incorporate them all,” she said. “We originally were going to make them characters from ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ … but then I suggested ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.’ It was too perfect to pass up!”

Sandra collected different items of clothing that looked like Snow White’s dress and bought rolls of fabric for the handmade costumes that her dogs will wear. With the help of her mother-in-law, they were able to come up with cute designs and got to work putting together the outfits. The good thing was during the whole process, her seven dogs were on their best behavior.

“The hard part was just sewing everything and making sure it fit everyone,” Sandra said. “The dogs at this point are used to costume fittings so if treats are visible … they have no problem sitting still and letting us size everything just right.”

Sandra made sure to match each of her dogs to a character that closely resembled their personality. Goddess Isis, whom she described as “a bull in a china shop,” dressed up as Dopey. Haileigh Bug, the “laziest dog I have ever had,” was Sleepy. Zoey took Grumpy’s role, since her “favorite things to do are bark and wrestle with the other dogs.”

Sandra and her seven dwarfs sure had a good Halloween!

“People think we are crazy for having seven dogs and who knows? Maybe they are right,” she said. “But we love our time with them and wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“These dogs have it made and are without a doubt the spoiled kids on the block,” she added.

While the Sandra and her pups surely rocked Halloween this 2019, we’re guessing these adorable costumes would be hard to top next year!

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