Wife’s method for helping husband overcome depression after car accident goes viral

Dancing is one of the most majestic art forms ever created. There’s a reason why the art of dance has persisted through the centuries. It has the unique power to uplift the spirit and comfort the soul.

From the ceremonial dance of ancient Egypt and India to the intoxicating groove of 60s music, dancing is forever imprinted in humanity’s search for happiness.

Even if times change, there will always be joy in turning the music on and dancing to the beat. It’s a great workout for most people, while others find thrill in elevating their artistic prowess. But to others, dancing is a conduit to the real word—an art form capable of saving lives.

A man suffered from depression after a car accident.

That’s what exactly happened with Fan De Duo, 49, and Peng Xiao Ying, 45. The farmer couple is from Rui An in Zheijiang province in China. The husband suffered a car accident, and though he survived, he fell into depression.

The tragic car accident left Fan traumatized. The family had to shut down their business in Yun Nan and return to Rui An in eastern China. At night, Fan would walk out of the house, wandering around the property.

Peng would search for her husband in worry. Fan’s condition also made him more easily irritated and nervous. “I was so afraid to sleep alone,” said Fan. “I was just scared. I need to sleep with people surrounding me on the same bed.”

A farmer suffered from depression after a car accident.

Fan’s declining mental health led Peng to a creative and therapeutic solution. She taught her husband a few basic steps of a shuffle dance.

Today, Fan’s condition is better than ever. The positive effects of dancing are apparent on his face whenever he jives with the beat.

Peng and Fan’s dynamic duo broke the internet when everyone saw how in-sync they were while dancing. It’s as if it cured Fan’s depression. He’s always giddy and smiling in the videos with his fancy patter.

“When the music starts, my mind goes empty and I feel totally different,” Fan revealed. “Then it became more interesting, so we started to dance every day.”

To help husband fight depression after car accident, wife teaches him the shuffle-dance.

Dancing is now a part of the couple’s daily life. They would dance in front of their house, in their farmland, and sometimes in front of their livestock. Wherever they may be, once Peng and Fan hear the music, they would dance without hesitation. They even got their kids to join!

The farmer couple now has two things to prioritize—their work on the farm and dancing. Their utmost love for dancing even helped them survive the COVID-19 pandemic. The family quarantined themselves at home.

With plenty of time on their hands, they showed their impeccable shuffle dance steps to the rest of the world. They have more than 1.8 million followers in Duoyin, a video sharing platform similar to TikTok.

After car accident and suffering depression, man learns how to shuffle dance with wife's help

And the feedback from their audience has been very positive. “People say I look really young, and it makes me very happy,” Peng explained. 

“I think the reason behind it is that I love dancing. I found joy doing it. So, if you can dance, then dance; if you can work, then do it…”

The resolve and positive outlook Fan gained from dancing is not something he attained overnight. Thanks to his wife, he considers himself healed from his troubled past. You can even see how far he’s come since the car accident.


It’s amazing how the power of dance has done so much for Fan and Peng’s journey. They might be famous now, but not everyone who saw their videos knows just how much dancing has impacted their lives.

Here how dancing changed the family’s life after the car accident:

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