Video of FedEx driver sanitizing package after reading home owner’s note goes viral

In the age of coronavirus, extraordinary steps have to be taken to ensure that vulnerable members of the population are kept safe from infection. These include people with underlying conditions such as heart disease, respiratory illness, and diabetes.

Taking this to heart, a FedEx driver considerately sanitized a package for a family with a young girl with an autoimmune disorder.

Photo by Carrie Blasi | Twitter

Carrie Blasi, 49, of Boca Raton, Florida, explained, “We have a sign on our door for packages/mail as our 11 year old daughter is a type 1 diabetic [and] our federal express delivery guy wrote this on our box: ‘I sanitized your box once I’ve seen the note on your door.”

The package contained medicine required for her daughter Emma. Because of her chronic condition, Emma has a higher risk of developing life-threatening health issues if she gets infected with COVID-19.

The warning sign reads, “STOP — Someone in this house has an autoimmune disorder. Those who are immuno-compromised are more likely to contract coronavirus (COVID-19) and experience life-threatening complications.

Photo by Carrie Blasi | Twitter

Due to the widespread outbreak of this virus we are using an abundance of caution through practicing self-isolation and social distancing. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please leave packages/deliveries on the doorstep.”

When the family took the package, it had obviously been cleaned with sanitizer wipes, since liquid stains were visible on the scanner sticker. The FedEx driver’s kind note was found on top of the box. Blasi said, “You can tell that he used sanitizer wipes on the box. Amazing!!!”

As the good deed made its way around social media, the FedEx driver has since been widely applauded for his act of compassion. Blasi said, “I wanted to encourage others to be kind and helpful, especially during this time.”

Photo by Carrie Blasi | Twitter

The family’s security camera actually caught the FedEx driver in action, and the footage also been shared on YouTube. The clip shows the FedExdriver as he approaches the front door with the package. He sees and reads the note carefully.

After walking back to the truck, he returns with wipes in his hand, and carefully sanitizes the package. He then writes a note on the box, assuring the family that the package was clean, and heads back to his vehicle. The FedEx driver cheerfully ended the note with, “Stay safe,” and a smiley face.

Since Blasi’s tweet, the family and the FedEx driver have been able to meet virtually. Blasi says, “One of the FedEx delivery guy’s friends found me on Facebook, and we were able to connect with them via video conference.” She added, “He is such a good natured man.”

Photo by Justin Bradshaw | Twitter

Blasi shared that FedEx driver Justin Bradshaw, 28, empathized with the family, since his daughter was also at a high risk of infection from COVID-19. Blasi said, “She was born premature — [and] fit in his hand!”

Bradshaw related that his one-year-old daughter Nova was born at 28 weeks, weighing just 1 pound, 11 ounces. He said that cleaning the box for the family was just his small way of helping others affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I keep gloves, wipes, and masks in my truck and an extra set of clothing to change into before going inside my house after work. When I come home, I take a 15-minute shower before greeting my family.” He added, “I feel like we should all do something to better the situation right now.”

Photo by Carrie Blasi | Twitter

The family profusely thanked Bradshaw for his kindness. “From my family’s heart, we just thank you so much,” Blasi said, while Emma shared, “I really appreciate what you did for us.”

FedEx drivers are today’s heroes, including healthcare workers, supermarket and drugstore owners and staff, sanitation personnel, and other essential workers, who continue to perform their duties so that most people can stay at home and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“It gives me hope for the future and we will be OK. This is such bad thing right now. We have people out there that care,” Blasi said. “That single act made me forget about everything we have been going through since the first of March.” Blasi also started the Twitter hashtag #BeLikeJustin to thank the FedEx driver for his act of kindness.

Watch FedEx driver Justin Bradshaw in the video below: