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Artist starts a trend after her unique wedding dress goes viral

Some people have a creative spirit so strong that they can’t help but show it in everything they do, just like this San Diego-based artist.

Months before her wedding, Taylor Ann Linko knew the artist in her wouldn’t wear an all-white dress for the big day. Ever since she was little, her passion was to create things, and that desire only grew as she matured.

As someone who struggled with learning disabilities, art was something she knew she would excel at and, most importantly, would love to do for the rest of her life.

But as she would later find, making it as an artist wasn’t that simple. Her journey towards her dream began in elementary school when she decorated fruit baskets and sold them to her mom’s friends.

When she became an adult, she tried exploring multiple niches to build an art business, but she failed many times.

She had a bit of hope with the Taylor Ann Art Party, a small face painting and balloon twisting business. Through her efforts, the project slowly started gaining traction. Years later, however, she was about to undergo significant changes in her life, such as her graduation and engagement.

As excited as she was, getting married to her then-fiance Chris meant moving to San Diego, where he worked as an engineer. Taylor had to start from scratch with her dream art business.

However, everything she did wasn’t enough, and her efforts to become a full-time artist all failed. She felt insecure. That insecurity—and her passion for art and color—fueled her to pour out her soul and creativity on her wedding day.

Taylor found a gorgeous “Savoy’s Bellezza,” but there was one problem – it was all white. As beautiful as it was, she felt the dress didn’t fit her personality at all. That’s when she knew she had to add a personal touch to her dress, so she decided to paint it.

Taylor already had the perfect color combination she wanted on her bridal gown: yellow, orange, red, maroon, purple, and blue. And after hours and hours of painting, she finally finished the dress a week before her wedding.

The outcome was exactly as she had imagined. In her own words, she described it as “Bridal but Colorful. Traditional yet Unique. Bold but Elegant.” Her breathtaking dress helped her feel calm and confident during the big day, and everyone there loved it! Her family thought it suited her perfectly.

On the other hand, Chris’ family was excited to have an artist join the family. Of course, her now-husband wasn’t shocked in the slightest – he knew the art in her wife just wouldn’t be contained.

Months after, Taylor was surprised to find her phone chiming non-stop with Facebook and Instagram notifications. As it turns out, a UK gossip blog featured her “fire” wedding dress on its front page.

Although they didn’t credit her and cropped off her head, thousands of people noticed and searched for her. From there, hundreds of people started asking her to paint their dresses, and she just did it.

Taylor gathered a few deposits that she used to buy some equipment and turned a part of their home into a workshop. Since then, she’s been able to rent a studio and operate her own business of painting wedding dresses!

And that’s the inspiring story behind this extraordinary fire wedding dress and how a once-struggling artist finally reached her dreams.

Check out the gallery below to see more of Taylor’s wedding dress and the ones she painted for other people.

Follow Taylor Ann Linko on Instagram and on her website.

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