Rockstar Bon Jovi honors veterans with PTSD in new song, ‘Unbroken’

The award-winning rockstar Jon Bon Jovi came up with a new, heart-warming song that honors veterans with PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD is a mental illness common among veterans and is described as an “over-expression of psychological and mental processes.” Having witnessed and experienced traumatic events such as war, veterans are very susceptible to this illness. They go through a lot of symptoms that make them re-experience the trauma which has a huge negative impact on their daily lives.

The most common symptoms of PTSD are anxiety, mood swings, sleep difficulties and nightmares.


Knowing how difficult life is for veterans with PTSD, Bon Jovi created a song that will help people understand what these “heroes” are going through. This song is specially made for the new documentary “To Be of Service” which tackles the importance of service dogs in the lives of veterans with PTSD.

Bon Jovi admitted that it has been difficult for him to write the song from the perspective of a service member because he hadn’t served in the military. Nonetheless, the amazing singer and songwriter pulled it off with realistic, heart-wrenching lyrics. He did it with the help of the director who provided some anecdotal lines from the soldiers.


Documentary co-host Gayle King also gave Bon Jovi some key takeaways to help him write the song purposefully. He said that the most eye-opening part of the documentary was the fact that 22 veterans a day die from suicide, which Bon Jovi included in the song lyrics.

For Bon Jovi, it’s not just about writing and finishing the song for the documentary. He also wants to bring hope to veterans with PTSD and their families through his song. “You have to be honest if you’re going to take on this task, and be truthful in its delivery, so that the men and women who did serve will feel pride when they hear the song,” Bon Jovi said.

Soldiers sacrificing their lives

He wanted to end the song with positivity so it won’t only touch the hearts of the listeners but will also make them realize the sacrifices of veterans.

As a son of military parents who met in the Marine Corps, Jon Bon Jovi knows well the importance of service. He has done various philanthropy efforts in the past such as donating $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He is also working with The Walter Reed Veterans Apartments to provide 77 units for veterans.

Veterans are real heroes

I don’t need the scientists to find the cure in these cases!” said Bon Jovi. “It takes a little bit of money, a lot of sweat, and that’s what we do with the soul kitchens.”

All the proceeds from the song for the next 12 months will go to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides free service dogs to veterans.

Veterans are real heroes who made life-sized sacrifices and endured lots of hardships for their country. Through Jon Bon Jovi’s new song, may everyone appreciate and realize how noble these battle-hardened warriors are.

If you haven’t heard the entire song yet, play this video and savor its heartfelt lyrics: