Torn between two owners, Judge Judy lets dog find its REAL owner inside court

Everyone who has and had a pet have a firsthand experience of the heartwarming happiness having them around brings. More often than not, pets are treated not only as mere animals but as an additional member of the family as well. Losing them brings pain and grief just as much as losing a love one would. It is not surprising why pet owners are willing to go above and beyond for the sake of their pet.

In the UK alone, 5 dogs are reported to be dog-napped everyday, meanwhile n the US, it is reported that there has been a 30% increase of stolen dogs incidents from year 2017. The alarming increase of dog theft incidents around the world is due to the high demand in dog breeding and resale purposes.

But what would happen if the original owner of the stolen dog and its new caretaker met and clashed? Who gets to keep the legal custody of the beloved dog?

Such is the case in the court presided by the remarkable and honorable judge Judy Sheindlin. Present in the courtroom of the TV personality were the plaintiff claiming to be the original owner of the dog named Baby Boy, the defendant who purchased the adorable dog for 50 bucks on the streets, and Baby Boy, the dog itself.

“This is like my child,” The plaintiff fighting to win his dog back, appealed his case. However, the defendant insisted that she is the current and legal owner of Baby Boy and has no intention of giving the dog back to the plaintiff.

Though the defendant purchased Baby Boy outside of a shopping center for a ridiculously cheap price of 50 bucks, the woman was able to present documents supporting her claim. She brought out the adoption papers, veterinarian’s bills, and as well as a collection of Baby Boy’s pictures.

With the plaintiff’s case and the defendants supporting evidences, deciding upon who will take the dog home is quite hard to make. Good thing that amidst the process of interrogation, Judge Judy found out that the defendant attended the court hearing together with Baby Boy, the adorable pup whose legal owner is still in question.

Blessed with Solomon’s wisdom, the TV personality and honorable judge had an unconventional but truly bright idea in discerning about Baby Boy’s real ownership.

Thinking that the adorable dog will be able to recognize his true owner, the witty judge instructed the defendant to put Baby Boy down. Hesitating to follow Judge Judy’s order, the defendant did not let go of the dog immediately. In fact, Judge Judy had to repeat her order a number of times before the defendant gave in.

Everyone present in the court room held their breath in anticipation on the next event. After all, whoever Baby Boy ran towards to would be declared as the sole and rightful owner of the dog. However, unlike the tensed attendees in the court room, Baby Boy was filled with joy and excitement as he ran towards his long time best friend, the plaintiff!

Seeing that the dog in question has truly missed the plaintiff, and is happy to be see him again, judge Judy granted the case in favor of the plaintiff. As per the instruction of the honorable judge, the man picked up his dog and took him home.

Not everyone is lucky to be reunited with their beloved paw friend again after an incident same with above. Thanks to the fast thinking and unconventional method of judge Judy, the man was able to be reunited with his old paw pal.

Watch the video below to witness the touching reunion of Baby Boy, the dog, whose owner fought tooth and nail in order to bring his lost dog, home once more.

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