Two mothers capture the incredible bond between their toddlers with Down’s syndrome

Clara Beaton and Cutler Thompson both have Down syndrome and their moms are childhood friends. Amy Sanders, Cutler’s mom said that she reunited with Lana Beaton when she was pregnant with news that she would have a baby with Down syndrome. Being in the same situation, the two mothers found support from each other. Apart from this, they also noticed the instant connection between Clara and Cutler.

This was the start of the wonderful friendship of 14-month-old Cutler and 17-month-old Clara. Today, they attend therapy sessions together twice a week and they also love watching movies together and playing tag. Beaton and Sanders call it “love at first sight.” Cutler and Clara bonded instantly the first time they met and are very comfortable with each other.

“Pretty cool to be the ‘extra Cromey club,’” said Sanders. “It’s kind of a cool deal. We’re pretty lucky.” For both families, this has been a learning lesson. Though the Beatons have three other children, raising Clara has also been challenging for them.

“Being number four, we thought we knew what we’re doing,” Lana Beaton said. “We had this last of our kiddos and so you just assume things are going to go the same way, the way they always have and they’re going to sleep when they sleep and eat.”

When Sanders had a birth diagnosis, she didn’t know that her baby would have Down syndrome but the moment she gave birth, she knew right away. “At first, I was terrified,” Sanders admitted. “I’m sure a lot of people probably are because you start to think of the what if’s.”

Despite all the challenges of raising the two toddlers; nonetheless, Sanders and Beaton were very thankful for their little bundles of joy. They were also thrilled about their growing friendship so they decided to bring them together to the same platform. “How about Facebook?” Sanders asked Beaton. “I know Facebook. She and I together, we both kind of came up with the idea and started it.”

Clara & Cutler | new photo

On their first post, they already had a few hundred followers. As they continued to post photos and stories about Clara and Cutler, they garnered thousands of followers who all fell in love with the cute “besties.”

Sanders and Beaton were happy and overwhelmed by the positive responses they were getting but for them, it’s not all about likes and shares. The support and motivation they get from other people help them get through all the struggles of Down syndrome.

Clara & Cutler | new photo

When they‘re in the hospital, the two families receive praise and support from strangers. “People recognize her,” Beaton said. “We’re at the clinic and ‘Oh, Clara is here!’ and nobody knows me. I’m just Clara’s mom but they know her.” The words of love and support the families get from people always fill their hearts.

Clara & Cutler | new photo

Sanders said, “When we’re in the hospital, people would reach out saying ‘we’re praying for your children,’ which is pretty incredible.” Surely, these two babies with Down syndrome were brought together for a reason, and that is to inspire everybody and fill their hearts with joy.

For more adorable photos, you can follow their Facebook page, Clara & Cutler.

Watch how their one-of-a-kind friendship blossomed: