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Woman designs stunning tiny home with multiple windows that combines simplicity and luxury

A lovely tiny house set in the stunning Queensland forest is a beautiful picture of how a home can make simplicity meet luxury. Jess designed her house, filling it with unique ideas from an exterior that blends with nature, and a clever interior layout, to windows that offer the luxury of a panoramic view outside and lots of natural light.

Jess’s lovely home is tucked in the woods away from the main road; most people can’t even find the driveway to her place.

According to her, she was moving from Victoria and didn’t know anyone in Queensland, so she posted an ad through Facebook, and a family reached out to her saying they’d got land.

The family brought her to the area and walked through. “I fell in love as soon as I came off the highway and drove out this neck of woods; I felt at home,” she said.

She also added that she must maintain the area as part of the deal.

Outside, Jess has been chopping some trees down for the last few months to get more sunlight for her solar panels. She said there are days when her solar panels don’t get enough sunlight because of the shaders.

Aside from the solar panels, she has a generator for her energy in case her batteries run out of charge.

She also has a huge 5,000-liter tank outside, collecting rainwater.

Meanwhile, Jess chose a monument color for the exterior of her house to integrate it with the surroundings to keep it hidden from anyone passing by.

“I could really just lose myself in my tiny wilderness,” she said.

Looking from the outside, her tiny house looks gorgeous with its clean, modern design, which took her three months to design.

Jess said she wanted as many windows as possible to get natural sunlight.

Her house is made of an 8.4-meter trailer with a 1.8-meter drawbar and is 4.3 meters tall.

She said she thought of getting a smaller trailer because she felt she had so much space, which is one thing many people seem to suffer, but she’s very comfortable with it.

Jess kept her exterior all metal – she did not include any timber because of maintenance and upkeep.

She also kept the exterior bare because, during the production, she didn’t know where to park the tiny house. However, she plans to decorate it with pots, plants, and other cool, beautiful stuff.

In the meantime, she has a cool palette deck to help her get up into her tiny house. Underneath the palettes and the tiny house is the wood she had chopped that looks rustic but cool.

Inside Jess’s tiny house is gorgeous. All her windows keep her connected to the beautiful landscape outside her house.

“That was the part of the idea with having so many windows, and then the size of them as well as just to be as much as I was outside,” she said.

Her living room features a skylight. She doesn’t have any direct light in the living room at night aside from the fairy lights, so looking up at the skylight and watching the stars is magical.

On her wall are pages of coloring books she had pulled apart a few months back for the last eight years to use as wallpaper.

She said she couldn’t decide on what art and what colors to use, and the coloring book stays on the bookshelf or the floor, so she might as well have it on display.

Also, in her living room is a couch that folds out into a bed because she has friends and family that visit her, and they must have somewhere to sleep.

She has indoor plants that match the fairy lights, giving the room an enchanted feel.

Her kitchen is very simple. It is small, but it caters to all her needs, which is very important.

It also has a nice big sink with a plate that goes over it that she uses as a drying rack and allows her to do all kinds of washing up, like extra laundry and cleaning items.

It also has an oven that runs on gas, intended for heavy cooking, so she doesn’t have to rely on solar, and a retro fridge that looks cool.

The kitchen’s bench top is made of compact laminate material that looks and feels like a natural stone but cheaper and lighter.

Despite the size of her kitchen, it has enough storage. It features bigger kitchen windows, several cupboards, and a full-height pullout pantry opposite her wardrobe. Above her cupboards are the books that she can reach by standing on a bar stool.

She also has a timber slab she got as a gift from work that she uses as a table. It has wheels attached to its legs to make it mobile.

Jess’s tiny home surprisingly has a big bathroom with dual shower heads – a rainfall shower head and a handheld one.

The bathroom also features a lovely vanity with cabinets and a mirror hanging on the wall, and a compositing toilet with a split system which is so good for tiny houses.

The back wall of the bathroom has excellent storage filled with her camping gear.
Going further into her bathroom is the secret access to her loft.

Her loft has a nice big bed and an incredible skylight that offers an expansive sky view. The loft also has top-level windows with panoramic views of the forest, providing a treehouse feel.

Jess has been living at her tiny house for roughly a year, and she said she doesn’t intend to be somewhere else and loves her life in the tiny house.

She also said that she’s a fan of camping, and living in the house feels like glamping, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I honestly didn’t think I could do half of the things that I have achieved, and I’m just so proud of myself for doing it,” she said, claiming that words can’t describe what her tiny house means to her.

Jess has created such an enchanting home in the middle of a forest that is so beautiful and comfortable, an excellent combination of simplicity and luxury.

Give yourself a full tour by watching the video below from Living Big in a Tiny House:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.