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Inspired by a Nordic longhouse, this beautiful tiny home packs a huge punch for such a small space!

The modern interior design is warm, welcoming, and spectacular. These are the perfect words to describe the home of Matt and Heidi Horton.

This house is inspired by a Nordic longhouse, a long, narrow building where the Vikings lived in the 9th century.

It is also jam-packed with amazing Scandinavian interior design concepts that make this small house even more interesting.

On the outside, the small house looks striking and intriguing. It was made of top-grade, long-lasting materials and was also cleverly designed.

The couple made good use of the rest of the half-acre section by creating beautiful gardens and a functional greenhouse.

According to Heidi, they are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible; hence the idea of growing their own food.

Heidi also gifted herself with the opportunity of working in the comfort of her own home by building a separate studio work office. On the one hand, Matt takes pleasure in doing some handy work at their massive garage area.

Matt shared that they were inspired to build a longhouse-inspired home during their holiday in Monaco and they stayed in an Airbnb with a similar vibe.

They also realized that they were living in an 800-square-meter house but were only living in a third of it.

Now, they have a smaller house but they were able to make it cozier and more functional. The modern interior design of the house is proof of it.

Most small houses are narrow and crowded but Heidi’s and Matt’s house is very spacious inside.

The mishmash of the plywood with the concrete floors makes the space warm and welcoming. Their lounge makes of a comfy space with a great-sized sofa and well-made chairs.

Because the style of the house is Scandinavian, its modern interior design is also minimalist; with no unnecessary rooms, furniture, or clutter. The entire space is bright, inviting, and has lots of open spaces.

For a more soothing vibe, there is a low-emission woodstove at the corner which also works wonders when the temperatures are very low.

In the kitchen, the cozy and welcoming vibe is still present. Heidi believes the kitchen is the heart of the home so they made sure it is a space they would both fall in love with. They have all the necessary appliances such as a stovetop, dishwasher, and microwave.

Their kitchen is very functional so Heidi started to use it for her cooking demonstrations, which is a part of her business. They also have a pantry filled with spices and goods enough to feed an army.

Another amazing feature of this house is the kitchen island with a sink which helps the couple connect with their guests when they are busy cooking in the kitchen.

The kitchen countertop is made with Formica laminate sheets but Matt said a lot of people think it is made of marble.

Moving forward, one will be welcomed by a nice compact hallway design that leads to a room where the couple stores their extra food.

“I put some shelving because I was accumulating a lot of preserves and sauces and jams and stuff, so we needed a bit of storage system for all of it,” Heidi explained.

The rest of the house boasts a tidy, cozy bathroom and a beautiful, uniquely-designed bedroom. Both rooms give a homey feeling and amazing modern interior design with soft hues and modern décor.

Heidi shared that the cost of building the house is about $220,000 which is worth it since they got their dream home which is also their forever home.

“Living in a small home has taught me a lot about the life that you get to love and making sure that you are adoring it and not just get caught up in the day-to-day stuff like when you live in a big house, which makes you really conscious, and make sure that you’re living your best life day to day.”

Watch this video from Living Big in a Tiny House where Heidi and Matt gave a tour of their beautiful home. 

To find out more and to follow Matt and Heidi’s journey, you can find them on Instagram.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.