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Tiny dog adores dad so much that she isn’t willing to share him, not even with his own wife!

Sometimes, we find it hard to admit that we have our favorites. For this dog, however, that didn’t seem to be a problem – at all.

Bristol might be little, but inside her is a big heart full of love. While she adores every member of her family, she devotes her affection mostly to one particular person – her dad, Nathan McNeese. If only Bristol could speak, I bet she would tell Nathan how much she loves him all day.

For the pup, Nathan is all hers, and she’s definitely not afraid to show it, especially to her dad’s wife, Alicia.

Courtesy of Alicia Lee McNeese

Bristol has been with the McNeeses ever since she was a puppy, and her favorite place to hang out has always been by Nathan’s side.

“Her go-to person is my husband,” Alicia told The Dodo. “The bond that they have is incredible.”

The pooch adores Nathan so much that she isn’t too keen on sharing him with others – not even with his own wife! To make sure Alicia gets the message loud and clear, Bristol gives her a specific look that obviously says “back off.” And Alicia gets the point every single time.

“‘Sorry, Mom, he is my man,'” Alicia said.

Courtesy of Alicia Lee McNeese

This silent competition for Nathan’s attention plays out in several different ways. One example is during a recent road trip they took, where Bristol didn’t seem too happy about Alicia being in the passenger’s seat instead of her.

“At first, my head was resting on my husband’s shoulder,” Alicia recalled. “When I lifted my head she replaced it with hers.”

Courtesy of Alicia Lee McNeese

If anyone’s going to be resting their head on Nathan’s shoulder, it should be none other than her!

Despite this “rivalry,” Alicia doesn’t feel too upset about Bristol’s possessiveness over her husband. She loves Bristol too much to actually be bothered by her behavior! After all, she can be a sweetie pie at times.

“I think she was thinking, ‘He’s my human. Move on over, Mom,'” Alicia said. Watch this scene play out in the video below.

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“She is sweet,” Alicia said. “When she wants to be.”

Nathan is quite aware of this adorable competition going on in their household, and he’s not bothered by it at all. In fact, it seems like he actually enjoys it.

“My husband soaks it up,” Alicia said.

Courtesy of Alicia Lee McNeese

Another dog who clearly knows what it wants is this pooch in Georgia named Kursha. However, instead of being extra clingy with one particular human being, this pup is extra protective of people crossing the street! Kursha has appointed himself as the crossing guard for pedestrians crossing this busy street in Batumi, Georgia.

The dog was caught in action one morning by someone named Beqa Tsinadze. In the video, a group of kindergartners accompanied by two adults can be seen standing in the marked crosswalk.

They were waiting for the cars to stop so they can cross to the other side of the road. However, none of the drivers were kind enough to let them through. They waited and waited, but it seemed like none of the motorists paid any attention to them.

That’s until Kursha came to the rescue. The dog sprung into action and fiercely barked at the oncoming cars. It seemed as if he was scolding them for ignoring the pedestrians. Kursha handled the situation really well.

The motorists stopped their vehicles and let the group cross. And as if he hadn’t done enough, the pup positioned himself in front of the line, leading the group to the other side of the street to make sure they’re safe. How thoughtful!

Nobody really knows how Kursha came to be the community’s unofficial crossing guard. Some have the theory that it’s his way of expressing gratitude to its people.

The dog came there as a stray a few years ago, and some members of the community took it upon themselves to feed and care for him. This dog might just be giving back all the love he’s received from the kindhearted people of Batumi!

I’m sure these stories made you smile. Share this with your friends and family and spread the good vibes!

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