Third-grader uses birthday money to give teacher a pay raise, says her job is ‘important’

A third-grader student gave his teacher the surprise of her life as he offered her his birthday money, thinking teachers are not being paid enough.

Just before Halloween, teacher Mary Hall Chambers was surprised by a folder in her classroom at Gorrie Elementary school in Tampa. Inside were $15 cash and a note from her 9-year-old student Parker Williams. The note said: “I don’t think that teachers get paid enough for what they do so will you accept this gift?” He also drew an arrow to the baggie below saying “my own money.”

Surprised and touched by the simple yet heart-warming gesture, Chambers replied that she appreciates it but she can’t accept his offer.

Darrell Williams

Chambers guessed that the cash was field trip money but later found out that it’s actually the child’s birthday money. She said she has received lots of sweet gestures from her students but none of them has ever offered her money.

On the one hand, Williams explained that he thinks teachers don’t get paid enough and he wanted to give back. “I think that more people should be nice because it’s just a better thing to do than being mean,” he said.

Parker’s dad said that no one knew about his son’s plan to gift his teacher with his birthday money as a “pay raise.”

Parker Williams and his family
Darrell Williams

“None of us knew about it until I opened his folder the next morning and choked up,” said Darrell Williams.

Williams also mentioned that he once spoke with his kids about teachers’ salaries. He told them how noble such a profession is and teachers don’t get paid enough. The average salary of starting teachers in Hillsborough County is around $19 an hour while experienced ones make around $25 an hour.

Apparently, his words were instilled to the young mind of Parker which probably prompted him to do this very sweet gesture.

Parker Williams excited to meet his teacher
Darrell Williams

Also, Parker’s older brothers give back to the community by volunteering. They even founded a youth volunteer club called Young Philanthropist where they carry out good deeds within their community. This might have inspired the little Williams to do the same.

Darrell Williams said he still can’t get over what Parker did and knowing he did it out of kind-heartedness, he felt very proud of his son. He also appreciates the hard work of Parker’s teacher who emails them often to give them advice on how their son can improve more. Williams believes that teachers are not rewarded enough for their unswerving help and guidance to students.

Parker’s sweet gesture touched a lot of people’s hearts but his passion for helping teachers doesn’t end with this. He also has this desire to meet President Trump because he believes he can do something about the teachers’ salary.

Parker Williams and his gift to his teacher
Darrell Williams

Clearly, Parker Williams understands what it’s like to work hard and not get enough compensation or reward.

Kudos to Parker’s parents for raising a brilliant, kind-hearted boy! May all parents realize the importance of teaching their kids compassion and humility.

Watch this video and learn how the nine-year-old student Parker Williams surprised her teacher with the most meaningful and most touching gift she could ever receive: