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17 Replies to “Six teens step in as pallbearers for war veteran with no close male relatives”

  1. Very encouraged by these young men stepping up! With so much disrespect these days toward our military hero’s and flag and country it truly is heartwarming to see positive actions come forth. Kudos to these fellas. And to the brave Mr. Hunter: thank you for your service RIP.

  2. As a former football coach I applaud the coaches and players for standing up and doing this out of respect for this veteran coaches keep teaching them the right way you are doing a great job I thank this veteran for his service to our country my condolences to his family

  3. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts for a man that put his heart and life on the line for or country. The USA must never forget the veterans and always pray to raise young men like this.

  4. My heart goes out to the passing of the war veteran who had passed and I’m glad those young men from the football team stepped up they should get a honable mention award for such a great job as acting as pallbearers the the war veteran .Great job men from Ron in Milan ohio

  5. Thank you fantastic young men!! As a Vietnam Vietnam veteran, I am extremely proud of the way in which you handle yourself!! You are showing what you are made of. My hat is off to each of you.

  6. Awesome job young man your truly leaders thank you from old veteran he’s at home now R.I.P. he’s looking down on you with a big smile with his family.
    God Bless you’ll and your team, coach and school

  7. We do have wonderful kids,we just hear about the bad.God bless these boys.I have 3sons and they would do this,and a lot of there frends.

  8. God Bless these young hearts for not only understanding, but standing strong when called to show respect to someone who once stepped forward to respect what he was taught.

    Thank you to parents, community and coach of these young hearts

  9. God bless you young men. With people like you coming on to take care of our country, we WILL BE OK!!!!!

  10. God Bless You Boys,Kind feeds speak volumes of your character,your parents brought you up right

  11. My Brother-In-Law was from this town. Played QB. Apparently that’s the way they raised them down there.

  12. I went to high school at this school and couldn’t be more proud of these young men!!! President Trump needs to see this and show the country how real good young men act and not be kneeling for protesting!!!!

  13. Thank you to all the young men who selflessly gave of themselves to honor a veteran. God bless you all for you your dedication to this veteran and your country.

    This speaks volumes of your character and integrity

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