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This puzzling ‘skinny house’ becomes viral mystery because of its strangely thin shape

If you’re a TikTok user, you’ve probably seen one of the latest viral clips on the popular online video sharing platform – a home in Deerfield, Illinois, dubbed as the “Skinny House. ”

It’s known to locals as the “Pie House,” but TikTok gave it a new nickname because one of its sides measures only 3 feet wide. Anyone who sees it for the first time will surely scratch their head in amazement!

online video sharing platform

Photo | Zillow

It gained fame after it was shared on the online video sharing platform by TikTok user @eli.korn_ did a brief video tour of the home’s exterior and shared it on the platform.

“Skinny house skinny house skinny house,” he wrote multiple times over the footage. The home’s slim exterior baffled viewers and left them with a lot of unanswered questions.

“How does someone live there?” one commented. “But like…how do the stairs work? Are they just an entire corner? Are they spiral? is it just a LADDER?” another wrote.

“One gust of wind and it’s all over,” someone joked.

Photo | Zillow

As it turns out, the Pie House is not that skinny in its entirety. It’s actually built on a 3,876-square-foot triangle lot and extends to about 20 feet in width. The exceptional home has over 1,600 square feet of living space and comes with everything a typical house has – two bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and a finished basement.

It has “good natural light with lots of character,” according to the Coldwell Banker Realty website.

After his first post went viral on the online video sharing platform, @eli.korn_ shared several follow-up videos showing the wider part of the structure’s exterior.

Realtor Alan Berlow of Coldwell Banker Realty recently sold the home for $260,000. He revealed that the house’s skinny end is actually where storage and one of the bathrooms are situated. He also explained how the home got its local nickname.

online video sharing platform

Photo | Zillow

“It’s shaped like a piece of pie. Also it’s a ‘slice’ of history in Deerfield, an area in the famous North Shore of Chicago,” Berlow said.

When its original owners first built the home in 2003, they had to fit the entire home on just 40 percent of the lot, according to the realtor. This is to comply with an ordinance on the Village of Deerfield, which states houses built in the area must allow space between homes and roadways.

“The space and how it’s distributed through the home is certainly nontraditional but it works. The home was built specifically for the size of the lot and it’s far more functional than it looks,” he added.

Photo | Zillow

Plus, the interior looks nice too! Thankfully, the house is listed on Zillow, where curious people can look at several pictures of the inside.

It has an open floor plan on the main level with hardwood floors. There’s also a decent-sized bedroom, a clean and modern kitchen, and a beautiful living room space.

The bathroom facilities are great, and the house maintains its classy and minimalist decor throughout.

online video sharing platform

Photo | Zillow

The Pie House has been getting a lot of attention online, but Berlow says he isn’t surprised by this at all.

“It’s so unique and it’s a very well-known home in the community,” he said. “As far as some of the viral videos on TikTok, it just goes to show the curiosity of real estate flows through all generations, and we’re excited they are putting their own brand of creativity on it.”

Learn more about the “Skinny House” in the video below.

No one would have thought that this is what the home looks like inside, based on the TikTok video. This just proves you can’t really judge a book by its cover. Whoever bought it is undoubtedly one lucky individual for owning such a unique and charming home!

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