Siblings put on a musical show for elderly neighbor who is self-isolating

Two siblings played their cello instrument and held a porch concert for their neighbor who was in self-quarantine.

Self-isolation is one of the one of sad realities of the coronavirus outbreak. People who traveled in affected countries and went back to their country need to do self-quarantine, where they have to stay at home for the next 14 days.

Two siblings playing cello instrument for elderly neighbor
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Though 78-year-old Taran Tien didn’t have a holiday abroad, she decided to isolate herself to protect herself from the virus. Considering her age and the advice of the government, she opted to stay at home alone.

Schlam hasn’t seen anyone for five days and that’s when loneliness started to creep in. However, her sadness turned into so much happiness and gratefulness when her two little neighbors suddenly came to her porch and began to play their cello instrument.

As a classical music lover, Schlam was so amazed by the wonderful talent of the two kids. Wearing a suit and dress, they looked like they were in an actual concert. The two kids make use of their cello instrument and played different classical music.

Little girl holding her cello instrument
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This classical porch concert really warmed Schlam’s heart and made her forget about the entire situation even just for a little while. “I haven’t been out of my house for five days, and I won’t be out anytime soon,” Schlem said. “This was a delightful break for all of us. I love all the kids and I love music. It was such a real gift.”

Taran Tien and his sister Calliope heard that their neighbor Schlam was in self-isolation and they wanted to help her in any way they can. Schlam insisted that she didn’t need groceries so the siblings thought of doing something special for her. They noticed that Schlam was a music lover because of her piano at home. This is why they came up with a little yet beautiful surprise for her.

Two children playing cello instrument
Source: Twitter

The siblings’ mother, Rebecca Tien was so happy and proud about what her children did for their neighbor. She said this simple gesture in this time of crisis and loneliness means a lot for everyone. It was also a good way to remember the value of connection, especially at a time like this when everyone feels disconnected,” Tien said.

Because Schlam couldn’t visit her grandchildren in Israel, the Tien’s live-streamed the show so her grandkids could watch. Their other neighbor, Jackie Borchardt, also shared the video on Twitter which apparently gained a lot of views and shares.

Netizens couldn’t help but comment on how beautiful the show was and how kind-hearted the kids are. A lot of them said that their spirit was lifted by the video despite the current situation everybody is in. “When our world darkens, kindness, community and art bring light,” one of the commenters wrote.

Siblings playing their cello instrument
Source: Twitter

It’s amazing how the current global crisis is bringing out the good in many people. We hope to see more inspiring stories like this during these times of uncertainties.

Watch this video and witness the beautiful porch concert of the two siblings: