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Everyone couldn’t take their eyes off this shelter puppy who has the cutest handlebar mustache!

This shelter puppy is melting everyone’s hearts with her unique and adorable look – in fact, she even got a special nickname because of it!

When a homeless shepherd mix and her eleven newborn puppies arrived this month at the Dallas Animal Services, the staff immediately realized that there was something extraordinary about this litter.

Aside from the obvious fact that they were cute, all the dogs were born with facial hair – and some even had pronounced beards. But one pup stood out of them all – a white pooch that sported a handlebar mustache!

The employees couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Salvador Dolly – who also goes by the name “Mustache Puppy” – for the first time. They’ve never seen a shelter puppy like her!

“The first thing people ask is generally, ‘Is that real?’ [There’s] a lot of ‘Omg stop it!’ and squealing over her” Allison Seelig of Hearts & Bones Rescue told The Dodo. “Honestly, her siblings are also so cute so we were all oohing and ahhing over the whole group of them when we met them!”

At 5 weeks old, Salvador Dolly is a true eye-catcher with her fuzzy upper lip.

The shelter took care of the family for two weeks, but since about 100 stray animals are coming through their doors each day, having them for much longer wouldn’t be sustainable for the family.

“Puppies are at very high risk for getting sick in the shelter environment, so we knew we had to get them out. We went to meet them last week and were able to find an incredible foster in Dallas who took the entire family in!” Allison said.

The entire family is currently having the time of their lives with their caring foster, who makes sure that every puppy and their mother gets all the attention they need.

“The puppies are still nursing, which can be a lot for Mom to handle, but her foster makes sure to give her breaks to have some downtime,” Allison said. “She’s also getting lots of food to make sure she keeps her calorie intake up!”

But while their mom is at hard at work, her puppies are doing the exact opposite.

“The puppies aren’t walking much yet, and they spend their days alternating between wrestling and crawling all over each other, snoozing in a cuddle pile and eating,” Allison said.

It’s quite the life, but these dogs surely deserve all the nap and meal time they could get for they still have a lot of growing up to do!

Once all of them are weaned, the whole family will be brought to New York City in late August. There, they will stay in their new foster homes while waiting to be adopted by their forever families.

If you would be interested in adopting Mustache Puppy or any other member of her family, you may fill out an application on the Hearts & Bones Rescue’s website.

Watch the ‘Mustache Party’ below:

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