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Two little girls crying after leaving puppy at the shelter, or so they thought

These little girls just came back from the shelter and were inconsolable because they left without their favorite puppy. Little did they know that their parents had a surprise in store for them.

Julie Dawn and her husband wanted to see if their children were ready for the responsibility that comes with owning a dog, so they put them through a little “test”.

On the way home, the family discussed the incident.

“He’s so cute!” said Julie’s daughter Jada, with her arms crossed and tears streaming down her face.


The Dodo

Both girls were clearly devastated about leaving the pup behind, and it showed during their car ride home. Even though Julie told them that there will be other puppies, they weren’t convinced.

“They won’t be as cute as him. It needs to be the same puppy, the same personality, and the same cuteness,” said her other daughter.

All that Julie wanted to know was how serious they were about adopting a dog.

“What was so special about this puppy? You only met him for, like, one minute,” she asked them.

“When we see things that are cute, we love them and we want to get them!” said the blonde-haired girl.

Totally relatable.

But Julie reassured her, saying: “We’ll go home and tomorrow you won’t even remember him.”

And the other girl had a quite dramatic reply!

“I will remember this day until I die.”

Well, that was harsh!


The Dodo

Jada couldn’t seem to let go of the fact that the puppy in the shelter was “so adorable”. But when Julie questioned her intentions and asked her if she just wanted the dog because he was adorable, her older daughter gave a fierce response.

“No! He has a personality! He loves us. He goes to every single one of us and sits on our laps,” she said.

Their parents’ seemingly indifferent behavior just didn’t make sense to them.

“How could you not get a puppy that’s so adorable?” Jada asked.

Julie reasoned that they have to be ready, and added the fact that they didn’t even have a doghouse at home.

But after a few moments, their dad stopped the car to pick up something. And when he got back, he had in his arms a small furry creature – the puppy from the shelter!


The Dodo

The girls were overjoyed! Jada’s smile went from ear to ear while her sister couldn’t help but cry out of happiness.

Dad then handed over the puppy to the girls, and both of them gave their new family member the best snuggles ever.


The Dodo

Both still trying to absorb just what happened with their stunned look.


The Dodo

Oh, this dog is going to be so loved!

Watch the video below to see their daughters’ heartfelt reactions to their “test”.

When The Dodo shared the video above from Julie Dawn Photography, it got mixed reactions from those who watched it.

Others found it heartwarming, while some questioned Julie and her husband’s parenting. But as indicated in the footage, all they wanted to know was if their daughters were serious about getting a dog.

It was just the proper thing to do, given that other parents get puppies for their children then end up neglecting them once they get older, simply because their kids didn’t want them anymore.

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