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7 stylish She-Shed ideas to jump-start your own sanctuary of peace

Women need their own place to take refuge from the noise of the busy world. Just as men have their so-called “man caves,” women have their own “she shed.” The perfect place where women can relax and enjoy being with no one but themselves.

If thinking about building your own She shed already stresses you out,  think again! You’ve got nothing to worry about as She shed is quite easy to create. You can convert an old garden shed, or a small garage into a fully renovated she shed. You may also build one from scratch as well, and put it in your empty yard!

What makes a She Shed such a wonderful idea is that it only requires a small space of your lot. Technically, a She Shed is just a small space where women would be able to find comfort and solace or simply spend time with themselves.

Women following this new craze are using their She Sheds for a variety of reasons. Some use it for their gardening hobbies, while some use it as a place to contemplate their thoughts. Other women do their Yoga and fitness exercises in their chic shed, while some prefer to read a book inside it as they enjoy a cup of coffee.

Interested about She Sheds but don’t know how to start it up? Here are 7 She Sheds that would definitely make you want one for yourself!

[1]  Retreat in your Yard!

Pictured above is a She Shed that is created for the purpose of relaxation! Stressed out because of your problematic neighbors? Need a quick escape from the people around you? You don’t need to go far in order to find peace when a She Shed as airy and as comforting as the one pictured is standing in your yard!

[2] From Boring Garage to a Charming She Shed

A homey and warm ambiance need not a home for you to feel it. The charming She Shed pictured above is an old garage that was fully renovated into an extra space for loosening up! The plants and its colorful ornaments sure gave the She Shed the welcoming ambiance that you wouldn’t want to go away from!

[3] She Shed Getaway

The She Shed pictured above is perfect, especially to beach bums! Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep at night while the sound of the waves crashing to the shore lulls you to sleep? I bet no place would ever be as relaxing as a She Shed by the beach!

[4] A She Shed to Air Your Heart Out

The She Shed pictured above sure looks expensive, but did you know that it was made out of 139 salvaged windows? A She Shed won’t break your bank as long as you know how to reuse and recycle!

In addition, who wouldn’t want to drink a cup of tea with your friends in a room as light and airy as this one?

[5] She Shed to Craft Your Idea

A She Shed is not only a place for relaxation, it is also the perfect spot to turn your ideas into action! Surely, whoever owns the She Shed pictured above is always inspired to work on their craft.

[6] A Bookworm’s She Shed

A She Shed does not need a big space, nor a bookworm does not need to go to a library to read. With its vibrant colors, and patterned decors, every book lover would instantly fall in love with it! Especially with old pages plastered on the ceilings, the She Shed pictured above is the kind of nook every book nerd would die for!

[7] A She Shed for Parties

If you are someone who likes to reprieve from the world, but at the same time, you also crave being with your crowd, then this She Shed is perfect for you! With a spacious outdoor She Shed filled with cozy couch and chairs, this is a place you would really want to stay in whether you want to be alone or drink wine with friends!

Did the picturesque and charming She Sheds pictured above made you want to build one for yourself? If you have the space and the commitment for it, then why not? After all, a place to reflect about and evaluate life is a piece of paradise!

AND if you want to build your own she-shed check out this video from Lowe’s.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.