Tom Hanks is absolutely perfect as Mister Rogers in new movie trailer

Who doesn’t know Fred Rogers? In the same token, who doesn’t know Tom Hanks?

Now imagine them together in the same movie, not as co-actors but Tom Hanks playing Fred Rogers.

Who is Mr. Rogers? 

While a college senior studying music composition at Rollins College, Fred arrived home to see this wonderful new technology in his family’s living room. He instinctively understood the power of the new medium and especially how it could be used to serve children, rather than the slapstick and nonsense that was on the air. From that moment, he knew what he was called to do.

Mister Rogers

Rather than pursue studies in theology as he had planned, he began a television career as an assistant and floor manager of the music programs for NBC in New York City. But he soon discovered commercial television was not for him. In 1953, he moved back to the area where he grew up to help found WQED in Pittsburgh, the first community-supported educational television station in the country.

“I’ll never forget the sense of wholeness I felt when I finally realized, after a lot of help from a lot of people, what, in fact, I really wasn’t. I was not just a songwriter or a language buff or a student of human development or a telecommunicator, but someone who could use every talent that had ever been given to me in the service of children and their families.”

In 1971, Fred founded his own production company, Family Communications, to produce Mister Rogers’Neighborhood and related materials for children, families and professionals. [source: Mister Rogers]

Without further ado, please watch the movie trailer below: