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Cat pays touching visit to former owner now living in a nursing home

After suffering from a stroke and ending up in the ICU, Tony had to stay at a nursing home permanently. At home, he left behind a furry family member who would surely be looking for him while he’s gone – a cat that he calls his Little Angel.

Since he wouldn’t be able to care of her, his neighbors began the search for a new family that would take her in.


Amanda Hassan

One of his neighbors posted on a local pets Facebook page about the search for a foster family for the cat. That’s when Amanda Hassan saw the Little Angel.

Amanda is on the waitlist to be a foster mom with some local rescues. She was waiting to be approved when she chanced upon the neighbor’s post. Immediately, she made arrangements to take her in, and it didn’t take long before she fell completely in love with her – she even gave the cat a new name!

“He called her his Little Angel, but we’ve taken to calling her Chicken Little because she talks so much,” Amanda told The Dodo.


Amanda Hassan

It was an obvious foster fail situation, and Amanda ended up officially adopting Chicken Little.

After being released from the ICU, Tony had to stay at a nursing home where he would be provided with all the care and assistance that he needed. Even though Amanda knew that Chicken Little was happy to be in the arms of a loving owner, she understood that Tony and his Little Angel must be missing each other so much.

With the help of Tony’s neighbor, Amanda arranged a visit so the pair will be reunited.

Aware that the nursing home doesn’t allow pets, Amanda still gave it a try and luckily, the staff were kind enough to let them in.

“The nursing and care staff just pretend they don’t see her,” Amanda said.

nursing home

Amanda Hassan

Amanda let Chicken Little out into Tony’s room at the nursing home. Initially, she was a bit shy and unsure of the new environment. But as soon as she saw her dad, she immediately ran to him and gave him leg rubs and snuggles!

“He seemed to brighten right up when she did that,” Amanda observed.

The pair were equally happy during their reunion and it showed through their actions. Tony hugged his Little Angel so tight, and the cat just sunk into his loving embrace, seemingly taking in the familiar warmth of her dad’s arms.


Amanda Hassan

Amanda says that she is determined to keep up the visits as long as long as she can.

“We are hoping to take her in every couple of weeks,” she said. “We are hoping to keep his spirits up with regular visits.”

What a sweet and touching reunion! Hopefully, Amanda will be able to keep up these visits so Tony and his Little Angel wouldn’t be missing each other so much.

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