People attending funeral burst out laughing when they hear dead man’s last prank

An Irish funeral turned mourners’ tears into laughter as a hilarious, pre-recorded voice message of the dead was played.

Shay Bradley, an Irish Defence Force veteran, was being buried in Kilmanagh, Leinster Ireland when people suddenly heard someone shouting from the burial ground.

Bradley could be heard loudly yelling, “Hello, hello. Let me out.” It also sounded like he was struggling to get out of his coffin.

The voice continued, “Where the f**k am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s f**king dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear? This is Shay, I’m in the box. No in f**king front of you. I’m dead.”

Hilarious funeral.
Twitter | Andrea

The mourners couldn’t help but laugh at the incredibly prank by the deceased. Bradley went on singing, “Hello again hello, hello I just called to say goodbye.” 

People in the funeral burst into hysterical laughter, making the supposedly sad send-off a little lighter.

Bradley passed away on October 8 from an illness he’s been suffering from for a long time. Apart from order service and flower arrangements, Bradley was most concerned with how he could say his last “goodbye” in a happier way.

Apparently, Bradley didn’t want his family and friends sobbing in his funeral so he thought of a fun way to bid them goodbye.

People laughing at Bradley's funeral
Twitter | @lfcgigiddy1122

Bradley’s daughter Andrea explained that her dad’s message had been recorded before his death. It was played through a speaker on the ground to make it sound more realistic.

She wrote on Twitter: “He would love to know how many people he made laugh!!! He was an amazing character. IT was his dying wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man, to make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad. He was some man for one man. Love you forever Poppabear.

The laughing moment at the funeral was recorded and quickly gone viral online. Like the mourners, people who have seen the video also found it amusing but expressed their sincere condolences.

Bradley's funeral service.
Twitter | @lfcgigiddy1122

Mary March, one of the commenters said, “This man would have been great to know. Such an incredible sense of humor, and his thoughtfulness for his loved ones surviving him, to leave them with this gift of laughter even in daughter.”

Another commenter agreed, saying it was a great way to have a send-off and leave his loved ones laughing.

The Irish Defence Forces Veteran’s News also shared the viral video on Facebook with a heartfelt message: “It is with great sadness that I was informed of the passing out of our Military Brother and Veteran Colleague Shay Bradley. On behalf of the members of the IDFVA, I extend our sincerest condolences and prayers to Anne and family at this sad time. May Shay rest in peace.”

Mourners gathered at Bradley's funeral.
Twitter | @lfcgigiddy1122

They added in a separate post: “Was asked a question the other day, it was what’s the difference between military humour and civilian humour it’s simple it’s black. This video should say it all. This is the funeral of Shay Bradley on the 12 of October 2019 and it says it all…”

Some people may not feel the need to say their last goodbye on their funeral but what Shay Bradley did definitely means a lot to the people he survived.

Watch this video and see how Bradley bid goodbye to his family and friends in  a funny and exceptional way: