Couple Has The Best Dog Themed Wedding Cake Ever

I am pretty sure you’ve received dog themed gifts, but ever heard of a dog-themed wedding cake? This is the new wedding trend among dog lovers in which couples include their pets not only in the ceremony but also in their wedding cake.

Bear’s parents were among those couples who wanted their dog to be a big part of their wedding. Since they got engaged, they have always toyed with the idea of involving Bear in their very special day as much as they can.

Dog-themed wedding cake
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One of the ideas that the couple devised was that Bear would also walk down the aisle right before his mom as if guiding her towards his dad. They had other fun ideas such as having a dog biscuit bar but the most exciting and appealing among them all was their dog-themed wedding cake.

The normal toppers for wedding cakes are bride and groom toppers but the couple also wanted their dog to be a part of their wedding cake figurines.

According to Roisin Bicklmeier, Bear’s mom, they worked with the Alberta-based cake shop called “Kake by Darci.”

“I told her I had brought a little golden figurine and was wondering if she could put him on the back of the cake as a hidden detail doing something naughty, like dirty paw prints or whatever,” Bicklmeier said.

The owner said she would definitely incorporate the dog and Bicklmeier had no idea what she was planning about the cake. She only saw the cake on her wedding day and she was very satisfied.

Bear wearing a sign
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When their special day finally came, the couple dressed Bear up and with a sign that says, “Don’t worry ladies, I’m still single,” he walked down the aisle as planned.

Most of the guests thought that this was the highlight of this pet-friendly wedding until they saw the dog-themed wedding cake.

In the front, the cake looked like an ordinary wedding cake: all white with flowers and a “happy-ever-after” cake topper. On the back, however, was a clever and a heart-warming design: the golden Bear figurine that Bicklmeier with a small bite that showed the dog’s naughtiness, as requested by the couple.

“I absolutely loved it as Bear would have absolutely taken a bite out of the cake if he had the chance,” Bicklmeier said.

A dog figurine in a wedding cake
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The guests loved the cake as much as the couple did and in fact, they started taking photos as soon as the cake was cut. For the couple, this was the loveliest and most amazing wedding cake they could ever have.

Bear apparently got more attention than the bride and groom but the couple was so happy and satisfied by how their wedding turned out. They were so delighted that Bear had a great time at their wedding, which made the event even more memorable.

After the wedding, Kake by Darci posted a photo of the wedding cake on Instagram. A lot of people saw the cake and they instantly fell in love with it.

Bear with his parents
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The couple was glad to see the photo of their wedding cake everywhere but they were happier because of the idea that Bear’s figurine being in the cake made everyone loved it even more. Just curious if they also received dog themed gifts?