Doctor surprised by patient’s improvement after hospital visit from his dog

Oftentimes, we hear people say that “laughter is the best medicine.” But after learning about the outcome of this pup’s hospital visit to his sick owner, we’re pretty sure that dog lovers would agree that our pet’s hugs and kisses are still the best antidotes to exist.

For the past few weeks, Flavio Santos has been receiving treatment for cancer at Hospital Memorial São José in Brazil. The days have been difficult for Flavio, no doubt, but these tough times were intensified by the fact that there is someone back home that he’d been missing dearly – his dog named Agadir.

Hospital Visit

The nurses taking care of Flavio understood that long hospital stays could break a person’s spirit. So to prevent that from happening to their dear patient, they decided to arrange a surprise hospital visit – not knowing that it would do more than brighten up the sick man’s day.

The day of Agadir’s visit came, and the most-awaited reunion between the dog and his owner finally happened. Flavio’s face brightened up the moment he saw the pup he’d missing so much.

Sitting on his wheelchair, Flavio welcomed Agadir into his loving arms and the dog gladly climbed onto his lap. Flavio then hugged him and showered him with kisses. The man couldn’t help but cry tears of joy during this beautiful moment.

hospital visit from a dog

It was an emotional experience for the two friends, and for Flavio, it was the best day he’s had in the hospital ever since he came there. But as they would soon discover, that surprise hospital visit had a greater impact on Flavio that nobody could have predicted.

After Flavio and Agadir’s short but sweet reunion, his doctors noted a positive change in their patient. His overall outlook seems to have transformed in a good way.


“I was surprised,” Dr. Rodrigo Tancredi told news outlet Globo. “He was conscious, oriented and talking.”

Dr. Tancredi went on to say that such visits from pets appear to have both psychological and physical benefits. They may result in a patient’s increased appetite, lower heart rate and blood pressure.

“We visibly noticed his improvement the other day,” Dr. Tancredi said. “The improvement occurred in a gradual way and remains.”

The development in Flavio’s health was so great, that he and Agadir may be together at home again earlier than anyone would have expected.

“I talked about the possibility of him being discharged [from the hospital],” the doctor said.


This is reportedly the first instance that a patient’s pet was allowed to make a hospital visit, but given the positive effect that it had, we could only hope that the administration won’t let it be the last time that a furry visitor would step inside their premises.

We’re so glad that Flavio is getting out of the hospital soon. For sure, he would be able to quickly recover at home with Agadir always by his side to cheer him up and give him sweet doggy kisses!

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