Parents post pictures capturing that ‘horrible’ moment their kids go back to school

For the kids and teenage students, vacation starts when the school year ends. However, for some parents, it is the other way around. For as much as parents love their children dearly, there comes a point in their vacation when they wish they will already go back to school. We’re just human after all.

When kids are not in school, they are spending most of their time creating a mess in the comfort of their homes.

This means their parents have to deal with a disorganized home, bear with loud children all throughout the day, and constantly keep their children company. Hence, once the school resume and the kids have to reunite with their classmates, parents rejoice as if they have won the lottery!

Here are 15 photos of parents all over the world, who obviously have a sense of humor and want the world to know that their kids have to face the ‘sad’ truth!

[1] The parents shared a toast of their orange juice and gave each other a resounding high-five as their kids boarded the ‘dreaded’ school bus!

[2] The mom who felt overly elated now that her five children are going to school again.

[3] The father who cannot wait for his three wonderful kids to board the car so he could drive them to school already!

[4] The parents who are so happy they even held a back-to-school party for their four children… These parents surely partied hard now that their ‘vacation’ started!

[5] The adorable mom who prepared props to take the perfect back-to-school photo that reflects how she feels about her kid’s first day of school!

[6] The dad who is so happy he cannot help but jump from joy!

[7] The mom who obviously looked forward for her kids to be back at school she had her own countdown!

[8] The mom who is the only one happy about the fact that school has begun once more!

[9] Another overjoyed father who is so excited for his kids’ education!

[10] The playful but supportive parents who are still garbed in their sleeping robe, rejoicing in cloud 9 during their two sons’ first day of school!

[11] The kids who will never let their mother to go school shopping alone ever again!

[12] The sisters who will enjoy peace and solitude now that their sons have to face the truth!

[13] The three children who hoped they could be as happy as their father was when this photo was taken!

[14] The mother who is so happy she couldn’t help but jump out of joy now that her home will finally be free of 6 children for hours!

[15] The mother who made a tradition of dancing with joy as her children board the school bus!

Can you relate with the parents featured in this article, who are beaming with joy now that their children have to see their teachers? Or do you identify yourself more with the children who thinks it is ‘saddening’ that a new school year has begun?

Either of the two, we sure are interested to learn more about how your photos turned out! Share your experience on the comment section!

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