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Elderly man pushes his disabled dog on a cart every day so he can still go for a walk

For an animal lover, there is no such thing as a ‘pet’ because for them, their domesticated animal is a friend, a loved one, a family. In fact, countless stories showing how much a pet means to its owner always appear from time to time. Yet, reading such stories has never failed to make someone smile.

In Vibo Valentina, Italy, you will see Tonino Vitale and his 13-year-old dog. Seeing them walking and exploring the city together will surely tug the strings of your heart.

Recently,  while spending time in the city, Sabrina La Grotteria saw a remarkable sight! Apparently, Tonino is walking with Dylan, but not in the way an owner normally walks his dog. The kind and loving old man was pushing his loyal dog in a cart.

According to Tonino, Dylan is fond of taking afternoon walks. Unfortunately, due to arthritis (yes, even dogs can develop arthritis), Dylan had lost the mobility of his rear legs.

Because Tonino knew just how much Dylan loves walking around the city, the old man had decided to push him around in a cart. Although pushing a cart with an adult dog riding it seems to be a herculean task for an old man like Tonino, still Tonino does not complain. For him and his family, all that matters is that Dylan is alive and happy.

Sabrina, touched by the heartwarming sight of the old man pushing his dog on cart with all of the strength he could, decided to capture their incredible bond in a video clip. After posting the remarkable video on her social media account, it became viral in an instant!

The way Tonino takes care of Dylan only goes to show how much love he has for his loyal dog. After his video taken by Sabrina became viral, Tonino was interviewed by a lot of local news outlet. For Tonino, knowing that thousands of people saw the video is enough. For him, his and Dylan’s video teaches other people love, care, and respect animals.

Tonino’s dedication to his old dog is gaining support and praises from people across continents. Not all people can do what Tonino has done for Dylan.

In some cases, after learning that their trusted dogs have become ill or have health problems that rendered them disabled, owners would simply abandon them. Fortunately for Dylan, his owner is not like the others!

Watch the short video of Tonino and Dylan below, clearly showing what great lengths a human and dog can do for each other in the name of an incredible friendship!

Photos and Video | Sabrina La Grotteria

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.