This office chair lets you lie down flat for naps at your workplace

Let’s admit it – we all have slept in the office at least once in our lives.

Though it isn’t a crime, sleeping during work hours is understandably frowned upon in most workplaces. But if you have sleeping quarters in your office and long enough breaks to sneak in a few minutes of shut-eye, then consider yourselves lucky! Some of us would have to gulp down multiple cups of coffee to stay awake, or even pretend to be even though all we want to do is just doze off.

So if you’re one of those sleep deprived workers, we think it would be worth investing your money on this chair that is perfectly made for corporate nappers!

Lay Flat Office Chair
US counterpart to this chair, see HERE.

Introducing the Lay Flat Office Chair”. This product is the brilliant invention of Japanese office furniture supplier, Thanko. It looks like a regular office chair, except that it has an extendable leg rest and a seat back that goes all the way down, allowing its user to completely lie flat while napping.

To purchase the chair, you would have to explore a purely Japanese website, so having a Japanese friend over while you shop would be a great idea. Once you receive the product, have your buddy come over again to help you, because the chair comes unassembled and you will have to put it together by following an instruction manual written in Japanese.

It is sold for ¥49,800, which is approximately $600, and weighs 48.5 lbs.

But if you prefer to skip all that trouble, the lay flat office chair has a U.S. counterpart that you can purchase on Amazon. Just search for XUERUI 360 Degree Swivel Chair” which sells for $600 and above and “Happybuy Executive Swivel Office Chair” which retails for $115 and above.

Lay Flat Office Chair
US counterpart to this chair, see HERE.

Experts say that taking a short nap for about 20 minutes in the middle of a work day will increase productivity, as it helps boost a person’s alertness and motor performance.

In fact, companies such as NASA, Huffington Post, Mercedez-Benz Financial Services, White & Case, and many other brands recognize the importance of napping and are encouraging their employees to do it so they can recharge their brains.

See the chair in action in the video below.

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