Nervous girl transforms into mini Janis Joplin and dazzles audience

One reason why talent shows are very interesting is that of the surprises it has in store for its viewers. No one could ever tell what kind of performance the person standing in front of you would bring to the stage. Yet even bracing yourself with this fact is not enough to stop yourself from being caught by these surprises.

America’s Got Talent

An example of this kind of performance is the late, and respectable rock singer Janis Joplin. It is always incredibly surprising how a smokey and raspy kind of voice would roll out from a lady with such a petite frame.

Courtney Hadwin, a shy teenager who aspires to champion America’s Got Talent, reminded the judges of Janis Joplin’s legacy when she took the stage and showcased her talent.

America’s Got Talent

When the truly talented Courtney stepped on the stage, everyone could tell how nervous she is. Singer and judge Mel B even assured Courtney that being anxious on stage is only natural and quite expected.

And despite finding Courtney’s nervous antics charming, still, the face of the judges were painted with uncertainty. Could Courtney, a shy and anxious teenager have what it takes to blow them away?

Taking a deep breath and looking down at her feet to compose herself, Courtney opened her mouth and let her captivating voice speak out for herself. The moment her voice took over the stage, the judges’ just can’t believe what they are witnessing- and hearing!

America’s Got Talent

The Black Crowes’ Hard to Handle started playing on the background, and just as if a button has been clicked, the shy teenager transformed into a confident performer on the stage. With her long hair flowing freely, Courtney let go of her anxiousness and let her talent take over.

It is in this moment that the judges heard an unbelievable rock-and-roll, smokey, and raspy voice just like of Joplin’s coming out of Courtney, the shy teenager who couldn’t even contain her nervousness just a few seconds prior her performance.

Soon, all of the audiences who cannot believe what they are witnessing are standing on their feet, totally in awe of the teenager performing in front of them.

America’s Got Talent

“You were like this tiny little thing when you came out, but when you sing, you’re like a lion. I mean, genuinely incredible,” Simon Cowell, one of the judges, expressed his amazement about Courtney’s performance.

Howie Mandel, another member of the judges, was as impressed as the rest of the audiences. He cannot help but share the story of how Janis Joplin, the legendary singer, first got signed. The judge then continued on by hitting the golden buzzer, something which the shy but talented 13-year old Courtney never expected to happen.

America’s Got Talent

“I can’t sign you to a record deal, the only thing I can do for you young lady is give you [the golden buzzer]!” Everyone in the audience applauded and squealed in delight, just as Courtney broke down in tears of joy on stage!

Watch the video below to see Courtney’s mind-boggling rendition and performance of Hard to Handle, truly proving how you cannot judge a based on its cover!

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