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Man was gifted a new car by the community to thank him for delivering their pizzas for 31 years

A delivery man from Tipton Pizza Hut was gifted a new car by the Tipton community to thank him for delivering their pizzas for 31 years.

Tanner Langley, a 28-year-old customer of Pizza Hut in Tipton has always received his pizza from the same delivery man for the last 31 years.

Since he was a child, he has been seeing the pizza delivery man who always has a huge smile on his face.

The pizza delivery guy from Tipton with his old car.


Robert Peters is known as Mr. Smiley in the town of Tipton because of his contagious smile and positive attitude. His dedication and loyalty to his job are also commendable.

He has worked for the same restaurant for over 30 years and remains enthusiastic about serving the people in his town.

While talking to “Mr. Smiley,” Langley learned that the man was having trouble with his 28-year-old Oldsmobile. He shared the unfortunate news with his neighbors and set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Peters’ new car.

The word spread fast in the community and a lot of people joined hands to help their favorite Tipton Pizza Hut delivery man. In just a week, they were able to raise over $18,000 which was way more than they expected.

Langley set a $12,000 goal for the fundraiser, which was enough to get Peters a new car. Luckily, more people wanted to help and show their kindness and gratefulness towards Peters, who has been serving the town for decades.

Langley surprised Peters with a new car, a 2017 Chevy Malibu. The car was complete with registration and insurance as well as taxes which were paid from the funds they collected. They also gave Peters a $500 gas card and a thank-you tip for his years of hard work and dedication.

“Today, Robert received his new vehicle!” Langley shared on Facebook. “You will be happy to know that he was all smiles when he received his new car, but that is no surprise to any of you since he is always smiling!”

The Tipton community united to help one of their members and Langley had lots of people to thank for. “Personally, I would like to thank every single one of you for your contributions, your willingness to spread the word of this fundraiser, and for your incredibly kind hearts.”

“This was all made possible by the amazing people of our community, and I cannot thank you all enough for your participation. After only one week, this community raised over $18,000!”

He also said that Peters could not express how grateful he was for what the community had done for him.

“I just hope that all those who made this happen will be blessed as much as they have blessed me,” Peters said. “This has really been an awesome experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Neighbors’ love is truly the best gift anyone can have in their community. This was also experienced by Jennifer Weldon, a single mother of four children when her car broke and her neighbors helped her get a new car.

When her transmission died in the middle of the road, Weldon wrote about it on Facebook, and help poured in from her friends and neighbors, offering to lend her their car.

She was stressed about it for days, not knowing that the people in her community were raising money to help her car get fixed.

One night, she was just shocked to see her little group of friends walking up the road to see her. They told her about the fundraiser they set up for the repair of her car. She was even more shocked when she saw her next-door neighbor giving her a car.

According to his neighbor Matt Carlson, his father who just passed away left them with an extra car, which he wanted to give Weldon. Her friends gave her the money they collected to cover insurance and future repairs.

Watch this video of Langley as he receives his new car from his kind neighbors:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.