Music video is teaching viewers a very valuable lesson in life: “Don’t take things for granted”

A music video of a popular German song, Hagen – Stoll Schieb Den Blues, is not only touching people’s hearts with its golden music. Joe Rilla’s music video is also teaching its viewers a very valuable lesson in life. “The things we take for granted, can be someone else’s treasure.” The man featured in the music video learned this lesson the hard way.

In the first scene of the music video, a homeless man is roaming around the streets, looking for a pair of shoes he can use. While he’s walking around the streets, his bare foot was punctured. And so the homeless man had to stop and take a rest for a while.

Meanwhile, on the same street where he is taking a rest, a couple living in one of the apartments, were having a heated argument. Although it is normal for partners to disagree from time to time, the way the man and the woman shouted at each other indicates how they have no respect towards each other anymore.

In their argument, the man hurt and angered her woman to the point that he had driven her to rage. Out of hurt and anger, she threw away his stuff out of the window.

The first item that was thrown out was a shoe which landed on the head of the homeless man. Fortunately for the homeless man, the shoe seems to be a good fit for his aching feet.

In a snap, the second pair came flying out of the window, which the homeless man happily picked up and worn. With satisfaction, the homeless man wiggled his feet in happiness. Completely appreciating the blessing he received from ‘above’.

More clothing items flew out of the window the more the man and the woman argued with each other. A jacket to replace the homeless man’s tattered ones was thrown as well.  As if completing the ensemble of clothes, a pants and a polo flew out of the broken window as well. The homeless man quickly picked up everything that was thrown away, as if these were treasures!

The homeless man excitedly started to put on the clothes thrown out of the window. As if fate is by his side, the man’s belongings perfectly fit him as well!

Hurt, the woman decided to leave the man. To her surprise, a handsome and dashing man is standing outside the apartment. Asking if he knows how to drive, the woman drove away with the ‘strange’ man. Not knowing that minutes ago, he was a ragged homeless man!

The two seemingly hit it off! Things are looking good for the homeless man, he’s got new shoes, new clothes, and a girl to drive around the town with! All of the things that the other man had before.

The music video ends with the man, trying to run after the woman and the things he lost to the homeless man! If only he cherished everything he had with utmost care and respect, things wouldn’t turn out this way.

Do you see yourself in the three characters in the video? Have you taken someone for granted and lost them? Were you the one who was not respected and walked away? Or were you the one who found a treasure out of someone who was not valued by someone else? Share your experience in the comment section below!

Watch the incredible video below, and may you be inspired to value everything that you have and every person supporting you. Remember, the things we take for granted is someone else’s treasure! So treat everything and everyone with respect and care so that they will forever stay with you!

Photos and Video | Warner Music Germany 

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