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Meet Moo, a mini dachshund who is a certified head-turner for looking half Dalmatian

We know you’ve already seen many photos of cute animals on the internet, but we bet you’ve seen nothing like this one.

Moo, a seven-month-old mini dachshund, is a real head-turner. Aside from his puppy-dog eyes and cute sausage shape, this adorable pup makes people look twice because of his starkly mismatched coat.

This dog lives with his mom, Victoria Hoffman, 24, in Miami, Florida. Looking at Moo’s head, you’d see that he looks like a regular dachshund with his black and tan fur. But when you see the rest of his body, you won’t believe it belongs to the same dog! The pooch was blessed with a unique appearance – a speckled body fur that resembles a Holstein cow. This characteristic gave Victoria the idea of naming him “Moo.”

“He is a unique piebald because he has heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat, and he also has a pure black and tan head. So, it looks like his body doesn’t match his head,” she told Daily Mail.

Many would ask if the pup was wearing doggy pajamas because they couldn’t believe his fur was real.

“They’re surprised to find that it’s actually just his natural coat,” Victoria added.

Dachshunds have varying colors and coat patterns, but what makes Moo extraordinary is the glaring difference in the markings between his head and body. Aside from doxies, several species of dogs have piebald coats, including the beagle. It is also a common feature among birds, cats, horses, cattle, foxes, snakes, and pigs.

This pup is quite the celebrity, especially when Victoria takes him outside. Strangers would often approach them and ask about Moo’s speckled fur. Some would even request to take pictures of him.

“He’s truly such a special little pup. He’s our little star,” Moo’s proud mom said.

Victoria, who works for a skincare beauty company, says that her dog has a special coat and a special personality to match. She says that Moo has “lots of attitude and is super cuddly and sweet.”

“He loves to hoard his toys in one spot, watermelon and almonds are his favorite treats, and he loves to take naps on his back under his bed,” she added.

Victoria never gets bored or lonely with Moo around. She considers having him around a blessing, especially during these hard times. She and her boyfriend have always wanted a dachshund, and she said they wouldn’t have gotten a dog if it weren’t for COVID-19, since they wouldn’t have been at home as much.

“It’s true that blessings and joy can still come out of hard times. Moo has been just that,” she said.

Moo is definitely one of the hottest dogs on the internet right now. At the time of writing, he has over 40,900 followers on Instagram, and we’re certain his popularity would only grow over the years. Besides, who could ever resist this adorable-looking pooch?

Many people can’t handle Moo’s cuteness, especially when he poses for photos. Here are some comments his Instagram followers left under his cutest pictures.

“Too previous for words! We don’t deserve you, Moo!” wrote @zoeyeomanzy.

“I’ve been seeing your picture being posted all over the internet you’re way too cute to handle,” said @divatheminidoxie.

“I’m absolutely in love with this beautiful pup! Omg!! @billtron_182 said.

Others couldn’t believe what they were seeing. “I am just now seeing this-how did this happen? I’ve never seen anything like his coloring!” @sweetmelissa5517 commented.

We couldn’t blame these followers for their comments; Moo is really charming beyond words! If you just can’t get enough of this mismatched cutie, you can follow him on Instagram.

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