One Reply to “Mom refuses to give up her disabled baby with ‘low intelligence’, nurtures him all the way to Harvard”

  1. It is most unfortunate some doctors, some parents and some educators feel they have the authority to be the fortune teller for a young child with disabilities. A grave error. Our daughter was unable to read or decode words. She had a every low level achievement when acessed at nursery school…..hard for one to imagine. We were told her learning was going to be more than difficult. And…..she was chubby with red hair in a community of thin blonds! Privately we had her evaluated. She has severe auditory processing problems and sever visual dyslexia which is far more than turning letters around! Socially she did not get cues. Bottom line: private tutoring every day, mom being most present at school, activities to enrich and enlighten her. Playground instruction…..playgrounds are not user friendly environments! Every chance a teacher had they tore her down. Can’t read….dumb. Upshot……high IQ, curious learner, two degrees from an Eastern college and a New York Model. Like this mom……..I did the same. She is 38, works in the drug industry, owns her own home and is independent. People who write the last chapter in a young child’s educational record should be removed from their position. All children grow and mature at different rates. No two alike. My daughter is a veracious reader. Bravo mom……and bravo son! This has been my greatest journey. And, by the way……a few years ago she shared the blessings and shared 60 per cent of her liver with me. What goes around comes around. I gave her life and she gave me life. The love of my life…….proud to be. Her mom, friend, and best advocate any daughter could ask for. Carpe Diem……Sieze the day💚

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