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Mom and son set up ‘blessing box’ outside their home to help neighbors in need

A family in Wichita, Kansas proves to the world that every act of kindness creates a positive ripple effect in the universe. And no, the ripple effect they have created did not start from a grandiose act of charity but of a simple and meaningful project.

Which only goes to show that when it comes to being a blessing to others, even the smallest act of kindness can greatly impact someone else’s life.

The small-scale project which has a huge positive effect in their local community started with Maggie Ballard and her son, Paxton’s idea of opening a tiny food pantry in front of their yard.

The tiny pantry which is free for everyone who needs to fill their stomach with was modeled after a concept of a free library. However, instead of books, they have filled a red wooden box with canned goods, dried noodles, pancakes, other foods, and as well as hygiene kits.

The thoughtful and compassionate mother and son tandem like to call their boxed pantry as  theblessing box.” True to its label, the little pantry serves as a blessing for those who are in need, and as well as for those who would like to be a blessing anonymously.

In fact, the blessing box was created and positioned in front of their yard during October year 2017, but unbelievable as it sounds, they have only paid to refill the box once.

“It’s just so much more than I ever expected it to be,” Maggie Ballard expressed her surprise and happiness about the overwhelming support their blessing box has garnered in their community. Now, the blessing box is not only filled by the mother and son tandem but as well as other people.  “It’s just taken off.”

People from their local community and the entire world leave a donation in their front yard every day. Some people who have learned about the generosity of the family even sent money to them in order for items to be refilled in the blessing box. Thus, even though items are being taken every single day, it never runs out of a blessing to be shared.

“I think it is a new trend that is starting, just from all the messages I’ve gotten on Facebook and from talking to other people… Maybe it’s planted a seed, a new thing that would be available for other people. Some people have reached out to me about possibly putting one on college campuses or around schools, especially during the summertime when kids aren’t in school.” Maggie shared the enthusiasm of others in expanding the blessing box to other places so that a lot of people would benefit from it.

Perhaps it is the mother and son’s conscious way of trying to reach out and help those in need, that raised awareness that they too can help. The sign on the blessing box reads as, “Take a blessing when you need one. Leave blessing when you can.” People love how through this simple phrase, people are being called for an action.

“It’s been more than putting a box out there and seeing what happens,” Maggie shared in an interview. “It’s taught us so much.”

According to the young compassionate Paxton, since the beginning of their charity project, he and his friends are encouraged not to waste their blessings such as food since someone else might be in need of what they have.

True enough, the world is a like a wheel of a car. There will be times that you would find yourself indulging in victories and successes. And there will be times that life would test you with its challenges. So it is only a must for you to take the opportunity to share your blessings with others whenever you can. After all, not all people have the capability to share and give.

Watch the inspiring video of the mother and son that only proves that doing even the simplest of things for the sake of others count as a blessing each one of us would need later on in life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.